Tuesday, May 12, 2009

almost there!!!

YES the countdown is officially on as of today, I now have 3 more days of work at the stinky daycare left. I am so over it, although I will greatly miss alot of the kids and coworkers at this place, I am so VERY excited about what I will be doing instead of working in the daycare! I love the Trammells so much and enjoy being with Maggie & Claire ALOT more...so very excited about what this summer is going to hold for both me and Jake!

Jake is going to be transferring to an online school program to finish his Psychology degree and will be doing summer classes and still working at the restaurant. He is going to be visiting some of his family and friends in Orlando, Florida this summer, which will be so much fun for him! We will be doing alot of wedding planning towards the end of summer, which will be really fun!

I start my full time nanny job with the Trammells this coming monday 5/18 and cannot wait. I already have a couple of things planned for the summer though and just know summer 09' is gonna be a great one! The thursday & friday of May I'll be going to a great concert with my dad in Gruene, Texas at the famous Gruene Dance Hall to see Brandi Carlile and think its gonna be so good! Then in June I'll be going down to Beaumont to help all my family move back into their big house after all the hurricane repairs are finished and hopefully going dress shopping at some point in June, and obviously beyond excited about that one!!! For July I don't really have too many plans yet, August nothing yet, but baby girl trammell is due end of august or beginning september so I'll be sticking around Abilene for that one, so excited for another baby!

I guess thats about it for now...no big recent wedding changes or news, more to come very soon for sure! Happy Summer to everyone reading this!

more later....jge