Wednesday, April 29, 2009

oh my I hope the food is good!

ok, so since we have picked the location, sorta have found the flowers I want, we started looking at caterers a couple of weeks ago. Oh my was I surprised at how EXPENSIVE food is for wedding receptions, its basically just ridiculous. But we are trying to look at all our options and figure out what the best deal is going to be, so thats where we are at right now in the wedding planning process. The first caterer we looked at was a lady in Abilene, June Sheppard, she has her own business her in Abilene and does everything from the food, beverages, dishes, linens, flower arrangements, flower bouquets, decorations at the wedding ceremony & reception. The only thing that she does not do are the wedding cakes, but with my family thats not a problem. We have already decided that my mom and one of my aunts will be doing both of the wedding cakes, which is a big relief on stress and finances. But anyways...the first caterer we looked at, her estimate for everything was $2800, which is a little over our budget of $2500. The second catering company we looked at was TopCat Catering, which is a company here in Abilene affiliated with Alleycats restaurant, which was far far past our budget. Although I was very impressed with their food selection and presentation their estimate for everything was about $4500, and I think the numbers tell it all! So today I went on to my next catering option, which was another very nice restaurant here in downtown Abilene, Cypress Street Station, and who were actually reasonably. I gave them all our information of wedding/reception location, estimated guests number, time of wedding, type of food we are looking at, beverages, dishes and linens options, and was told for the number of people and the type of food we are wanting that $2500 was a good price range. The caterer there will be emailing a ballpark estimate and a list of good options as far as food goes, so I look forward to that email.

So right now our next goals are to pick a date, reserve the Elks Art Center for the wedding/reception, choose a caterer. Once we have those things done we can do all the little things whenever we want. I know we will be going dress shopping sometime this summer with me, my mom, my sister, and maybe one of my cousins, and best friend. Jake and I have started looking and listening to alot of music that we want to have at the reception and some of the ceremony music. We have also been discussing our options for who will marrying us, which is actually one of the hardest parts of it I think.

But for now I think thats pretty much it, once we have the set date picked, ALOT more can be done, such as things with the wedding party, working on save the date cards. We have already purchased the invitations and the stuff we are using to put together the save the date cards. We are doing really well as far as time and money go so far I think. I know photography and catering will be our most expensive parts of the wedding. But other than that we have really saved on alot, but everything is just the way we want it right now at least. More later as things progress. Keep checking back,

Thursday, April 23, 2009

flowerssss and more flowerssssssss

So right now with the all the wedding planning, I am really trying my hardest to just keep all my options open and not to just have one thing in my head and only want that...if that makes any sense? But the moment I am really enjoying researching and discovering all the AMAZING flower option there are out there and I really want ya'lls input on PLEASE let me know what you are thinking of everything. But here are some pictures of most of the flowers I like the most, the main ones I am considering for reception centerpieces, decorations, bridal and bridesmaids bouquets, and so on. Let me know what ya think :)

So here is the ivory/white ranunculus

and here's the classic white mini calla lilies

really loving this one for some reason...just like the way its shaped or something...this is the jeanne moreau garden rose (way different than just the normal red rose you see everyday)

have LOVED this flower the day since I got engaged and started looking at wedding stuff...I like so much because of the good black/white contrast it gives, I just think it would really make a statement in an arrangement or bouquet....this is white anemone, with black center
love the way these look, of course its an orchid...called white vanda orchid
i know this is dark, but I just can totally see it in an arrangement against the green and black, I just think it would really make thing pop! its actually a dark dark burgundy/black, but its a dahlia, I really love these flowers!

This is the beautiful mini green cymbidium orchids...YES very expensive, but I love em'

interesting, yes I know, but you know I love interesting and different looking things...I love the bright green and this is ranunculus also.

this is the pale green garden rose...very pretty :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

first BIG wedding decision

So we have finally found a location for the wedding/reception and are so thrilled about it! Last weekend we looked at several different wedding ceremony/reception venues, but finally decided that this place, here in the pictures was perfect for what we want! So see for yourself in the pictures below. Let me know what you think, so please leave me comments :)

The place in the pictures we have choosen is called The Elks Art Center, its in downtown Abilene, right behind the Grace Museum (if you are familiar with Abilene). Like I said both the wedding ceremony & reception will be taking place here because its SO convenient, very large (as you can see), and accomodating.

I just absolutely love the black framed windows all around the room, there is a total of 6 big, black windows. We want to start the ceremony at like 8ish so the sun is setting and its getting dark, which I think will be SO elegant!

The grand ballroom here in these pictures is on the 3rd floor of this building and looks out over downtown Abilene, it has such a contemporary, metropolitan feel to it that I really just love. And the size is really great for the dancing we will be doing at the reception, also for all the tables & chairs, and several different food tables. It was also at such a great price especially for how perfect it is :)

And here is the outside of the building, I think its so cute! So keep in mind North 1st & Cedar in downtown Abilene for late march wedding next spring! Get ready for a fun time! Don't forget I really wanna know all your thoughts about it, so don't be afraid to leave a comment :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

exciting, thoughtful last few days

So not alot has been going on lately...but at the same time some exciting stuff has happened, weird I know. Along the lines of the mom purchased our first box of invitations, I love that was pretty exciting. And we are also going to look at a couple of different wedding/reception locations here in Abilene on good friday since its a holiday and we are off I cannot wait for that! We are really hoping that we can find and decide on a location and definite wedding date in the next week or so...but we will see!

Anyways on a non-wedding note, we visited a new church on sunday and both actually loved it, I had actually been there several times, but we are pretty sure we want stick to going here! I am really hoping for both of us to meet some new people and really get involved, I really feel like that is what we both really need right now.

On a completely other, exciting note...Jake and I have been thinking seriously about some decisions involving our education. For me, I was supposed to be starting Esthiology school at the end of April here in Abilene, and have recently realized that it is not going to be the right choice for me. For the last couple of weeks I have really just not felt a peace about the program, like it was not what I really want to do, I did not feel like it was going to make me happy in the long run, which is the reason I have decided against it. Instead I came upon an amazing program/opportunity I know for a fact that I would love, that I have always dreamed of. This opportunity would be doing an online program through an event/wedding planning company to get my certification as an International Wedding Planning Professional, in other words to open my open wedding planning business. I feel completely at ease with this decision, i'm very excited about it, and really think that I could very much succeed at this! Let me know if any of you reading this have any pointers or comments about this idea/plan, I would love to hear any and all of them! For jake...he is considering after he finishes up this semester at ACU, then finishing up his degree through an online college, one that has the same accreditation as ACU does, just in case you were wondering. But, this would allow him to finish his Bachelors degree in Psychology faster, it is much cheaper than ACU or any other private or state school, and will not have to worry about taking a bunch of stupid classes, such as Bible, P.E., health, and all the other nonsense they force you to take. This school also has a masters degree in psychology, which is also something Jake is considering, it would really benefit him to do this so that he can do school anytime he is free, it will allow him to work more, which is obviously a huge benefit.

Anyways...that is about all that is going on with us right now...we are just really excited about this weekend, not only do we get to go look at wedding locations, but its also a four day weekend, which is just so AMAZING in itself! Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend and wonderful Easter weekend! Happy Easter! :)