Thursday, April 23, 2009

flowerssss and more flowerssssssss

So right now with the all the wedding planning, I am really trying my hardest to just keep all my options open and not to just have one thing in my head and only want that...if that makes any sense? But the moment I am really enjoying researching and discovering all the AMAZING flower option there are out there and I really want ya'lls input on PLEASE let me know what you are thinking of everything. But here are some pictures of most of the flowers I like the most, the main ones I am considering for reception centerpieces, decorations, bridal and bridesmaids bouquets, and so on. Let me know what ya think :)

So here is the ivory/white ranunculus

and here's the classic white mini calla lilies

really loving this one for some reason...just like the way its shaped or something...this is the jeanne moreau garden rose (way different than just the normal red rose you see everyday)

have LOVED this flower the day since I got engaged and started looking at wedding stuff...I like so much because of the good black/white contrast it gives, I just think it would really make a statement in an arrangement or bouquet....this is white anemone, with black center
love the way these look, of course its an orchid...called white vanda orchid
i know this is dark, but I just can totally see it in an arrangement against the green and black, I just think it would really make thing pop! its actually a dark dark burgundy/black, but its a dahlia, I really love these flowers!

This is the beautiful mini green cymbidium orchids...YES very expensive, but I love em'

interesting, yes I know, but you know I love interesting and different looking things...I love the bright green and this is ranunculus also.

this is the pale green garden rose...very pretty :)

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  1. i say the white one with the black center or the dark dahlia one. i LOVE those two. :)