Friday, April 23, 2010

one month anniversary & pneumonia

A few days ago, we had officially been married for a month, which I know to most of you people out there who have been married for a few years to thirty years seems so weird, celebrating your one month anniversary. But I love the sound of being married for one month and three days to the man of my dreams and my best friend in the world & I cannot wait for one month to turn into two years into ten years and into forever. March 20, 2010 was so far in my books my dream day, it was the greatest, most amazing day EVER! Sometimes I catch myself just going back to that day in my head and I love it, I absolutely LOVE thinking about it & I know that will never change.

But in other news...this past sunday Jake got unexpectedly very sick & we ended up having to go to the walk in clinic since my doctor wasn't open on sunday. I thought he was just coming down with some kind of flu or virus thing, needless to say it was so much worse than I thought. He ended up coming down with pneumonia, very high fever like 103-104, the doctor said there was crackling in his lungs, & they had to put him on a very strong antibiotic, and give him a steroid shot. He was in really bad shape until about tuesday night, we had alot of trouble getting his fever down and gone, but finally got it to go away by tuesday night. The was definitely the sickest I have ever seen Jake, but I think I took really good care of him, of course you would have to ask him about it haha. It did suck quite a bit because I had to work alot this past few weeks, I never knew how busy being a nanny to the most precious girls could keep me this busy, but I love that its always a good busy.

We have alot going on in the next couple weeks, but I'm pretty excited about all of it! Next weekend we are leaving to go down to Houston for a couple days to stay with my sister & brother in law and go to one of my cousin's weddings in Beaumont. I always love going to stay with my sister in Houston, I love Houston, just always so much fun stuff to do, mainly the shopping that gets me so excited! Also within the next couple weeks my cousin Alexandrah will be having her baby at some point, she is due May 25th, so babies are always exciting! I have alot of stuff going on with the girls in May, lots of end of the year stuff, ballet recitals, school programs, beginning of summer parties, etc... I'm so excited for summer to get here, it is going to be an awesome one! Also next week we are getting our new dining room table and chairs and our new chest, which I'm very excited about it, I'll post pictures when we get it all situated in the apartment. Also excited about ordering and getting all our wedding pictures in, especially our wedding book from our photographer, I can't wait to see everything all put together!

Anyways there will be more later...lots of fun stuff going on in the next couple weeks. Hope everyone has a great weekend :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Life as Newlyweds :)

Our lives together as newlyweds has been SO much fun, much more & different than I ever expected, but in a very good way! Alot of our time has been spent trying to get our first, little apartment put together, finding a place for ALL of our crap, which might I add is ALOT of stuff. It feels so great to be able to use all of our new wedding gifts, not to mention all our new furniture that looks so awesome. We both have learned and continue to learn so much about being married & even more about each other, which I totally thought wasn't possible.

We really are having so much being married, I'm still in the phase of remembering that I'm actually married to my best friend and it makes me so happy & excited when I think about it! We are really enjoying this non-crazy time right now, work is great for both of us, we are both just looking forward to summer. But we are starting to plan our first vacation (besides our honeymoon) to Boston, MA this October for my birthday celebration to visit Jake's Aunt Sally & we are so excited thinking about it. We are thinking we are going to stay about 5 days, neither of us have ever been to Boston, so it's so fun thinking about going up there!

So here are some things that have changed in our relationships since being married: dynamics, between our two families now
2. strangely enough our relationship has changed for the better, I never thought there was any way we could be closer than we were when we were engaged, but surprise, surprise I have never felt this close to anyone, being married is such a cool & amazing feeling.
3. the fact that I cook dinner most everynight, which I NEVER did before, Jake being the amazing cook he is hardly cooks since he works quite a bit more than me. I have been so proud of myself for tackling this goal & not turning it into a disaster. Apparently I have done pretty good at cooking, from what Jake says about my meals I have made for him.

My favorite thing to do since being married is to think our future together and all the awesome things that could happen & the many adventures we are going to go on together. I absolutely love to think about what our future could and will look like one day. I just love love being married to my best friend & could never imagine it any other way!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Honeymoon Time :)

the towel sea turtle was pretty cute I thought....

we loved this one, the towel monkey, hanging from this thing near the ceiling

and on this night it was a towel bunny...

I still specifically remember this dessert, it was SO SO GOOD!!! It was a Espresso Shot Mousse, can we say heaven in my mouth?

One of the nights we got a towel dog waitng for us in our room

Some of the stuff at the front of the ship...pools, slides, etc...

the lifesize chess board on the cruise ship, it was pretty neat

our nightly towel animal, this particular night I believe it was a hare towel waiting for us on our bed when we returned to our room
According to Jake one of the many perks of me being his wife, is how I fold & pack things. I cannot stand more than anything to leave a vacation and to just throw clothes in a suitcase, I just hate that.

Jake & I posing with a neat donkey in Cozumel, Mexico...they love donkeys in Mexico haha there are donkeys everywhere.

Jake & I in Puerta Maya, Mexico...really neat place, love this picture

One night on the cruise ship when we were just walking around getting a feel for the boat and discovering things. We had tried a few times taking a picture of ourselves and finally this random nice man offered to take it haha cause we could not get the angle figured out to take it of ourselves haha.

This would be me drinking my 28 oz. Pina Colada, might I add the most AMAZING pina colada I have ever tasted in all my 23 years haha. Also I have to say I always drink my drinks slow and then down them at the last minute, but I had my entire huge drink gone in about 5 minutes, way before Jake had even half way finished his margarita which I found hilarious :)

Jake drinking his 28 oz. House Margarita, he said Mexico makes them a little stronger than we do in America, haha they love Tequila in Mexico.
Probably my favorite picture to take on the entire 7 day vacation, this was also in the town square of Cozumel, Mexico, in front of Fat Tuesdays, the restaurant we ate lunch at that day. That would be me posing inside of a birthday cake, it was SO FUN!

My handsome groom posing next to a gator in Cozumel, Mexico...if you know him, you know it is his mascot, he LOVES gators.

A beautiful area in the town square of Cozumel, Mexico where we were for the day, they had so many gorgeous trees, plants, & bright colorful flowers, I LOVED it.

This was in Cozumel, Mexico after we had done a little shopping, we went walking through the little town square place, and found this cool fountain & I thought I would pose for a cute picture by it.

This is our cruise ship we spent our first seven days as a married couple on, The Carnival Conquest boarded in the Grand Cayman Islands. Please excuse the old tourist lady with the massive blue hat, she apparently didn't know I was taking a picture haha.

Jake posing with this cool pirate statue in the Grand Cayman Islands

Here is the beach we went to in the Grand Cayman Islands, like all the ones we visited, it was SO gorgeous, The Grand Caymans was the second place we visited, and comparing it to Jamaica, the water was more blue, which I didn't think was possible...

I love being tan, love sunglasses, & loved being in the tropics if you can't tell...
cool sign we saw the Grand Cayman Islands little town square place
LOVED this billboard in Jamaica, it was unreal how much Bob Marley' life & music influences EVERYTHING in the country of Jamaica!
The first beach we went to on our 7 day trip, Doctors Cove in Montego Bay, Jamaica My first time to lay out on a beach in a few years at least, it was pretty much HEAVEN

The first time Jake & I layed out on the cruise ship, we went all the way to the very top deck & took an amazing nap in the Carribean sun.

My first run at slots, I would have to say that I did fairly well for my first time, won about $167 my first round.

Friday, April 9, 2010

favorite wedding pictures

So I'm anyone reading this is getting tired of all the wedding picture posts, but I LOVE all the pictures so much and I'm just trying to get it all done & documented so one day when I still have this blog, I can look back at these posts. But the pictures on this post are really some of my top favorites, they are some of the more artistic ones with cool angles and such and I love them. I'm so so glad I got absolutely what I was really looking for in the area of wedding photography, Hannah did such an amazing job, I know for a fact I could not have asked for a better photographer, the memories we have in all our pictures are so special! I cannot wait to get the pictures printed that we want to frame & especially can't wait to get our coffee table album & gallery wrap that Hannah is doing for us, I think they are going to be so awesome!

So anyways...hope you enjoy looking at some of my favorite wedding pictures, let me know which ones you like the best out of all the ones I have posted so far. Have a great weekend everyone!

white rose arrangement
such a sweet, sweet picture, Amelia dancing on my brother's feet, I love it :
Below: Jake's grooms cake made by the talented mom & aunt beth, I absolutely love the way it looked, it was EXACTLY what we wanted!

above: my brides cake, so so pretty, very simple, by I loved it...not to mention it was ABSOLUTELY delicious, the best italian creme cake I have tasted yet, thanks Beth!
Below: cool angle of one of the centerpieces, loved how they turned out...thanks to Nana
the centerpieces were lots of belles of ireland in tall square vases with all different color rose petals in the water.

Claire Louise & I, sweetest girl :)

Daddy & I as we walked down the aisle

My groom & I with our wedding party behind us, love the way this picture turned out
such a different take on wedding party pictures :)

Flower girl, Claire Trammell

what I consider a breathtakingly beautiful picture, sweet Claire & Elizabeth

LOVE LOVE this one too, I think all the different expressions on everyone's faces is so cool

such a cute girl picture, gotta love the shoes ladies!

one of my favorite angles in wedding photography, I think its precious how you see the lower half of all the older girls & all of amelia and her sweet smile

one of my top favorites of all the thousands of wedding pictures Hannah took

I know I already shared this one, but I just love it, think its so so cool

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Reception Part II

So luckily blogger fixed whatever problem it was having earlier today and uploading all the pictures I wanted wasn't a problem. First thing to say about our reception is that it was SO much fun for all, of course Jake & I had an amazing time since it was our special day, but most of all our family & friends that were at the reception have told us how much fun they all had. My only complaint from our entire reception was I wished it had been longer, we had so much fun dancing adn enjoying all the great music our dj was providing. Jake & I, along with most of our guests were getting so tired, plus we only had the building until midnight, but I knew if we had stayed longer we would have regretted it the next morning seeing as how Jake & I had to get up at 5 am to leave Abilene to drive to Galveston to board our cruise ship, a.k.a WORST TRIP EVER!!!

Aside from all that I cannot put into words how much we enjoyed our reception, how much fun we had, how special it was to have all the people in our lives that care about us, minus a few. I loved getting to make the rounds of the room talking, catching up, & taking pictures with everyone that came to celebrate our special day with us. The food was absolutely fabulous and the presentation of it was even better, I loved how the work of Celebrations Catering turned out, thanks to June, she is an amazing caterer if anyone is looking for catering for anything in the Abilene area.

Before I leave this post I want to just share my greatest memory from the entire night was the moment while Jake & I were having our first dance in front of the gorgeous floor to ceiling black paned windows. I remember closing my eyes, listening to our song, and enjoying our first dance as a married couple, I vividly remembering thinking how I was living my dream life and just how long I have dreamt about it, I adored that moment & will never forget it.

Hope you enjoy all the reception pictures, there is ALOT more, but I'll post more later!

the bride & groom making our exit in the rose petals
My groom found the garter, which might I add was so cute, handmade by my mom :)

me about to throw my "throw away bouquet" to a single lady

YMCA everyone was getting into that one!

cool picture of some of the food on the main buffet table, the food was SO delicious!

my precious cousin Ben & I dancing

dancing with my jr.bridesmaid (cousin) Amelia, she looked GORGEOUS at the wedding

Jake & I dancing :)

LOVE LOVE this picture, he is just so adorable & made it into alot of the wedding pictures!

about to cut our awesome cakes that were made by my talented Mom & Aunt Beth, they are the greatest, I've never tasted a better cake

My dad & two brothers, from the left: Uncle Cecil (oldest brother), Skipper a.k.a. Joe, & my dad
Tommy didn't make it to the wedding

LOVE this picture & LOVE this girl :) Mandi, my best friend from growing up in Beaumont
was SO excited her & her mom made it to the wedding, was just so good to get to catch up with them.

cute picture...from the left: bridesmaid (cousin) rachel, groomsmen (brother) Christopher, bridesmaid (cousin) Maggie, & cousin Ben