Monday, April 5, 2010

Wedding Rehearsal

Our wedding rehearsal went so great, we had so much help getting everything figured out to make sure the wedding ceremony went absolutely perfect & we cannot tell you how much we appreciate all the help we had from all our family in every way, if you are reading you know who you are and THANK YOU! Originally when all our wedding planning was taking place there was a small chance that we were not going to be able to do our wedding rehearsal until the early morning hours of our wedding day, but thank goodness that was not the case. Instead we were able to get into the building all day long on the friday before the wedding & ended up getting to have our rehearsal at 5:00 on that friday. We had the place for two hours, which gave us plenty of time to get everything planned out the way we wanted it to be & to actually practice running through the ceremony about three whole times.

Now that everything is over I can remember there being a few set backs on that particular day, but nothing that was any huge deal, it really all went over so well & the place looked absolutely fabulous! After we had finally finished rehearsing the wedding ceremony we had a great, delicious meal at a little local italian restaurant, Little Italy. It was so so tasty, a little crowded with the room that we ended up being in, but we were all just fine & really just enjoyed all being together to celebrate our big day! After the yummy dinner the guys & girls all went their seperate ways to have a little fun on our last night as single people. The girls chose to pick up a few sonic drinks and go over to my cousin Rachel's house and travel down memory lane, talk, talk, and laugh until we cried (as if we weren't going to cry enough at the wedding the next day). We all had a great time since it had been so long since we had all been together and able to talk about all the good times growing up. While we were having girl time, my mom, aunts, & nana were all at the house working on all the rest of flowers and finishing up the wedding cakes, I cannot thank them enough for all the fabulous work they did, it all turned out to be just as I had ever dreamed & imagined!

Here is just a few pictures from our rehearsal, sorry I don't have ANY from the dinner, but enjoy

sweet little flower girls practicing throwing petals

father of the bride & my "fill-in bride" thanks Bailey :)
The Elks Art Ballroom all set up, decorated, & ready for the wedding

Maggie & Claire cracking all of the bridesmaids up while we were all practicing, love these girls so much, SO funny!!

All of the bridesmaids at the back (minus Lindy) waiting to practice walking down the aisle

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