Saturday, April 10, 2010

Honeymoon Time :)

the towel sea turtle was pretty cute I thought....

we loved this one, the towel monkey, hanging from this thing near the ceiling

and on this night it was a towel bunny...

I still specifically remember this dessert, it was SO SO GOOD!!! It was a Espresso Shot Mousse, can we say heaven in my mouth?

One of the nights we got a towel dog waitng for us in our room

Some of the stuff at the front of the ship...pools, slides, etc...

the lifesize chess board on the cruise ship, it was pretty neat

our nightly towel animal, this particular night I believe it was a hare towel waiting for us on our bed when we returned to our room
According to Jake one of the many perks of me being his wife, is how I fold & pack things. I cannot stand more than anything to leave a vacation and to just throw clothes in a suitcase, I just hate that.

Jake & I posing with a neat donkey in Cozumel, Mexico...they love donkeys in Mexico haha there are donkeys everywhere.

Jake & I in Puerta Maya, Mexico...really neat place, love this picture

One night on the cruise ship when we were just walking around getting a feel for the boat and discovering things. We had tried a few times taking a picture of ourselves and finally this random nice man offered to take it haha cause we could not get the angle figured out to take it of ourselves haha.

This would be me drinking my 28 oz. Pina Colada, might I add the most AMAZING pina colada I have ever tasted in all my 23 years haha. Also I have to say I always drink my drinks slow and then down them at the last minute, but I had my entire huge drink gone in about 5 minutes, way before Jake had even half way finished his margarita which I found hilarious :)

Jake drinking his 28 oz. House Margarita, he said Mexico makes them a little stronger than we do in America, haha they love Tequila in Mexico.
Probably my favorite picture to take on the entire 7 day vacation, this was also in the town square of Cozumel, Mexico, in front of Fat Tuesdays, the restaurant we ate lunch at that day. That would be me posing inside of a birthday cake, it was SO FUN!

My handsome groom posing next to a gator in Cozumel, Mexico...if you know him, you know it is his mascot, he LOVES gators.

A beautiful area in the town square of Cozumel, Mexico where we were for the day, they had so many gorgeous trees, plants, & bright colorful flowers, I LOVED it.

This was in Cozumel, Mexico after we had done a little shopping, we went walking through the little town square place, and found this cool fountain & I thought I would pose for a cute picture by it.

This is our cruise ship we spent our first seven days as a married couple on, The Carnival Conquest boarded in the Grand Cayman Islands. Please excuse the old tourist lady with the massive blue hat, she apparently didn't know I was taking a picture haha.

Jake posing with this cool pirate statue in the Grand Cayman Islands

Here is the beach we went to in the Grand Cayman Islands, like all the ones we visited, it was SO gorgeous, The Grand Caymans was the second place we visited, and comparing it to Jamaica, the water was more blue, which I didn't think was possible...

I love being tan, love sunglasses, & loved being in the tropics if you can't tell...
cool sign we saw the Grand Cayman Islands little town square place
LOVED this billboard in Jamaica, it was unreal how much Bob Marley' life & music influences EVERYTHING in the country of Jamaica!
The first beach we went to on our 7 day trip, Doctors Cove in Montego Bay, Jamaica My first time to lay out on a beach in a few years at least, it was pretty much HEAVEN

The first time Jake & I layed out on the cruise ship, we went all the way to the very top deck & took an amazing nap in the Carribean sun.

My first run at slots, I would have to say that I did fairly well for my first time, won about $167 my first round.

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