Friday, April 2, 2010

John Mayer Concert

So the night of my bridal shower I had the privelege of having kind of a mini family bachelorette party, my aunt Monica, cousin Rachel, mom, & Jenna & myself all went to the John Mayer concert in Houston at the Toyota Center. This night was such an amazing before getting married gift, thanks so much Monica & Rachel, it was SO SO fun, I enjoyed myself alot! There is not alot to say about this night besides that it was just down right AMAZING, I love concerts so much, especially when you are listening to awesome musicians like John Mayer. It made me so excited for this coming September when Jake & I are going to see Dave Matthews Band in Dallas, I cannot even explain the emotions I have already in anticipation for this concert. It has recently become one of our new goals in our newly married life to go to as many concerts as we possibly can, we absolutely LOVE music & think its a great way to enjoy ourselves together, but be able to get away from daily routine life at the same time. Anyways hope you like the pictures from the concert!

me & Rach waiting for the concert to start

the sign up above the Toyota Center :)

the sweetness of John Mayer in concert

he was absolutely amazing, such a talented musician

the cousins-Jenna, Rachel, & me before going into the concert

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