Friday, April 2, 2010


The week of my wedding was absolutely stress free, wonderful, & so enjoyable & I could never thank my family enough, they were the absolute greatest, working on everyday so hard to make it all PERFECT! Since I worked quite a bit that week, they made sure I didn't have a thing to worry about that whole week. The only thing that could have been better was the weather, which was totally out of my control and now when I think back on the weather on my wedding day, it really didn't phase a thing, it was just PERFECT. The week of the wedding our families came into town in shifts haha, Jake's nanny & aunt Sally were the first to arrive on sunday evening which was great since I had never met either of them, we got to spend alot of time together that week, they were the absolute sweetest & I can't wait to get to know them better! Next my sister came into town Tuesday afternoon, she picked up my dress at the Bridal Salon in Waco on her way up to Abilene, it was being steamed & pressed, thank goodness for an awesome maitron of honor. Then Wednesday my Aunt Monica & Rachel came up to start helping with all of the wedding stuff & to follow them was my grandparents, aunt beth, bonny, & becky, cousins alexandrah, amelia, & harrison all on Thursday. The rest of all my family all arrived Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.

It would have never been possible to execute such an amazing wedding, that literally turned out wonderful without the help of all my many family members who very graciously offered their help with pretty much everything as you will see in all the pictures below. Most of the craziness all got started on Thursday, with baking all the wedding favors for the wedding guests, I chose to do linzer cookies since they are so pretty & delicious. We also baked special homemade breads for all of our out of town guests who were staying in the hotel, we got busy preparing the flowers to be put into bouquets, boutonnieres, arrangements, or corsages, & my sister, cousin rachel, and me all went to get mani/pedis before the weekend got too crazy.

On friday my aunt monica and nana got started on all the flowers, doing all the centerpieces, all the girls' bouquets, corsages, all the guys boutonnieres, & rose petals for the flower girls to throw. My mom & aunt beth also got started on decorating both of the wedding cakes, which turned out absolutely GORGEOUS, I honestly could have never asked for a more beautiful cake, that tasted so so delicious also, I owe that all to my Aunt Beth & Mom! Friday night we had rehearsal for the wedding, rehearsal dinner at Little Italy, Bachelor & Bachelorette time before the big day, & last minute preparations before the big day finally arrived.

Enjoy the pictures from our wedding week & up next is our rehearsal & rehearsal dinner :)

Aunt Monica and Nana working on all the flowers
our beautiful & delicious linzer cookies we used as wedding favors for all the guests

my beautiful belles of ireland, that really perked up & turned the perfect green once we got them all in buckets of water for awhile

Aunt Beth working on the cakes, actually I think she is making the icing for my cake in this picture, which was so delicious

my gorgeous roses we used to bouquets, centerpieces, & boutonnieres, minus the pretty pink roses we added later on

Look at all those delicious linzer cookies, love em'

This was all our work space, which worked out great!

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