Saturday, July 24, 2010

my trip to colorado with no pictures :(

At the end of June I got the awesome opportunity to go on a week long vacation with the family I nanny for to Telluride, Colorado. I had never been to Colorado, but was in shock by its natural beauty, the weather was definitely a nice break from the summer heat we have here in Texas. We left on a Saturday morning and came back on a Thursday and all had such a great time, I was so happy I was given the opportunity to go. We stayed at these awesome condos in the mountains with such incredible views it was almost unreal. Maggie, Claire, and myself all stayed in the loft area on the top level of the condo, they had so much fun staying up there with me, it made for a fun week.

We did lots of stuff during the week that the girls really enjoyed such as going fishing at a cute pond they had in this nice park in downtown Telluride, we also took the girls on one of those big bungy type trampoline things, they absolutely LOVED it & it was so much to watch them doing that. We also got to ride the Gondala everyday when we went into town and when we came back to our condo in the late afternoons, that was Claire's favorite part of the vacation. We did lots of going out to eat for either lunch or dinner everyday, did a little bit of shopping, lots of playing at the different playgrounds they had there. Some of the adults went white water rafting in the frigid rapids of Colorado while the kids were napping one day. Talmadge got to go on a really neat one on one photography tour through some really beautiful parts of Telluride. He learned alot about his camera lens, angles, and colors and everything and ended up taking some breathtaking pictures of different areas around where we stayed.

We did have a few downsides to our trip, such as finding out that the outdoor pool would be completely closed and drained the whole week we were there, apparently there was some algae that they couldn't get rid of. So that was a real bummer when we found out that our main source of entertainment wouldn't be available. But we found some other ways to be entertained, we did go swimming in an indoor lap pool, which was rather cold, and definitely not as fun. We also had some altitude problems with our favorite little monster Claire haha, she was definitely out of sorts, and didn't do well with the altitude, so she may not be our mountain girl haha. But all in all it was a great time had by all. We were definitely all ready to be home, but we made some great memories together & was so glad we all got to go. I am just so so thankful & grateful for my job on a daily basis, I thank God every chance I get because I know how blessed I am to have such an incredible job like this!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Snowbird Design

A blog that I read probably on a daily basis, called Snowbird design is offering an awesome giveaway if any of you reading this are interested. She is actually someone I used to know back during my camp days at ACU, she was such a fun camp counselor while I was a camper there. But she is now done with the camp thing, (as well as me) & is a stay at home mom to one of the most precious little girls I might have ever seen, but has recently started her own designing business. And just from reading her personal blog and visiting her business blog and seeing what products she has to offer I can tell how absolutely creative she is. She will do anything from christmas cards to birth announcements, moving cards, invitations for any type of event and so much more. And probably one of the best things about her business is that her prices are SO great! Since I have recently planned and produced my own wedding the last almost 4 months I know alot about the prices of the designing business and let me tell ya IT AINT ALWAYS CHEAP haha! But anyways she really has such AMAZING work and I would love to use her at any point in the future & would for anyone reading this to go and check her out & try out her business! Thanks hope you enjoy!