Sunday, July 31, 2011

The last couple of INSANE weeks

So just wanted to update a little on here since the last time I posted on here basically everything in life was very different than things are now. Our summer plans ended up getting slightly derailed slightly meaning almost changing them altogether so the last month has literally been insane. I will start back to the weekend of July 4th we had been in Houston with my family while they were all helping us move into our new apartment down here when I had a small seizure like episode that Saturday and again that Monday on July 4th. So after getting back to Abilene to try and finish out my job for the month of July I saw my neurologist about the recent episodes so he decided to adjust my medicine somewhat in hopes that would help. So now we fast forward to Wednesday, July 13th while at work I got really sick, started to get very nauseous, was having triple vision, a horrible headache, and couldn't feel most of my lower body definitely my legs which made walking pretty much impossible. Luckily my mom was able to come over and help me with Claire & Elizabeth while I was so sick, I started throwing up while at work, and Sara got home early and was able to help get me in the car so I could go home. We were able to drive home, although I had to throw up in a bag in the short car ride to our house where my dad met us and carried me inside to the couch where I continued to throw up and be sick until the phenegren kicked in and I went to sleep for most of the day. So after a few days on and off of being sick we called my neurologist and he decided to back off of my medication and that seem to help somewhat. I was still following all of my doctor's medicine orders but got even sicker Saturday night, hadn't really eaten in days, but was throwing up so violently and went into about 4-5 seizures at home before the ambulance got to our house and continued to throw up and have seizures in the ambulance and the ER that night before getting admitted and getting some very strong anti seizure medications in my iv.

So after all the seizure activity and being so sick I was admitted to Hendrick Medical Center, given fluids, adovane, and zofran for the awful nausea. While there Monday I was very weak and trying to recover since it usually takes at least a few days after I have such strong seizure episodes, then Tuesday I was starting to feel more like myself, and once Wednesday came it was just about awful. On Tuesday morning around 5:00ish I woke up with horrible nausea to start off with and then learned my blood sugar was crashing the nurses then got me to take a nausea pill and drink some apple juice to raise my blood sugar and I immediately threw up the juice and medicine. I then continued to throw up and had my first seizure of that day early around 7 and continued to have them all day long until about 9 or 10 pm that night. And like every seizure episode I don't remember any of it, but this was so intense I was so so sore that I didn't even know I could be this sore. So I stayed recovering from the seizures and getting all my strength back until Saturday afternoon, layed around on the couch most of the day, dropped off my medicines at the pharmacy, went to the grocery store (where I was only allowed to sit at a table in the cafe area the whole time), helped my sister pick out a baby chair at kids village and was only allowed to sit there also. So Sunday I also just layed around and hung out at home, ate lunch with the family, told my dad bye since he was leaving for a police chiefs conference in houston for this week. I remember feeling very tired even after sleep a good 8-10 hours the night before and just very very out of it, zoned out, like I just wasn't there. But I definitely don't recall either one of the seizures I had that afternoon before being taken back to Hendrick ER again that evening.

That was my last big significant seizure, I have since gotten taken off all of my medications, the only thing I am currently taking is my diabetes medicine. I was readmitted last sunday the 16th and stayed there until Tuesday when I was transferred by ambulance all the way to Methodist Hospital here in Houston where I have been ever since. I got hooked up to a constant EEG on Wednesday early afternoon and we are just waiting for the seizure activity to increase enough with the big stuff. The doctors have been saying the last day or so that I am having small seizure episodes just not the big ones quite yet, they are saying the big one is going to happen at anytime now so all we can do is wait so waiting is what we are doing. We have had the greatest family support through all of this, we have been very very blessed, I don't even want to think about what we would have to do without family. It has been a very emotional last couple weeks but I am trying my absolute hardest to let whatever is supposed to happen just happen. Now I am just ready for that big ole' seizure, please bring it God, I know he can so let's just make it happen!

Anyways we are hoping and praying our hardest for some serious action these next couple of days and ask that everyone prays the same with us. We appreciate ALL the amazing love, support, thoughts, and prayers that have come our way and once again are so blessed with such great family and friends during times like this. I will do my best to keep this up to date on the current situation.

Some pictures are better than none...Hendrick Medical Center, where I spent the first part of my medical journey, which ended up being about a week and a half.

Methodist Hospital in Houston which has been my home for almost a week now, so blessed to be here.