Monday, October 18, 2010

Homecoming weekend

I know this is a little delayed...but welcome to the story of my life. Anyone that knows me knows that "late" should be my middle name. But anyways I guess 2 weeks ago was ACU Homecoming weekend, which meant quite a few family members coming to visit all of us in Abilene. It was a really fun weekend, I absolutely LOVED having family here, there is nothing greater in the world than having fun or being happy with family. It was an extra special weekend because my sweet cousin Rachel who is a senior at ACU was on homecoming court, we were all SO excited for! Although she didn't get homecoming queen, it was still such an honor, and we of course were so happy for her anyways!

We got to do lots of fun homecoming activities which was really nice. The weekend got started with the Queen's Tea on friday afternoon, which was basically just an afternoon reception to recognize all the nominees on homecoming court this year. Each nominee got to invite ten guests I believe, my mom, sister, myself, and aunt monica. My mom, sister, & I got to spend alot of time together which was really great, I miss those times so much. We all got to go to a great dinner friday night at Lytle Land & Cattle and afterward to watch the homecoming show of fireworks on the ACU campus, which were actually really really good. Saturday the rest of the family went to the early parade on ACU campus, then to homecoming chapel, and to lunch afterward. I didn't make it to the parade or chapel but met up with everyone for lunch and got to see my grandparents and aunt beth who had made it to Abilene late friday night. Saturday afternoon was the ACU homecoming football game, which was one of the best football games I have been to in a long time, both teams were undefeated and very talented, but so glad to say that ACU pulled out the win in a really good way!

The rest of the weekend consisted going out to eat with the family, hanging out with everyone, and just enjoy the weekend. Thanks to rachel and monica I have pictures from the weekend, I kinda stole these pictures off rachel's facebook haha thanks, hope you enjoy them :)

rachel & bailey at homecoming chapel

monica & rachel at homecoming chapel

brad, monica, rachel, & ashton at homecoming chapel

all the ACU 2010 homecoming nominees

christopher & rachel at homecoming chapel

rachel & ashton at homecoming chapel

brad, monica, & rachel at homecoming chapel

monica & rachel at the queen's tea

rachel, my mom, jenna, me, and monica at the queen's tea

rachel & my dad at homecoming chapel

nana, papa, & rachel at homecoming chapel

nana, papa, monica, & rachel at homecoming chapel

papa & rachel during halftime at homecoming football game