Saturday, June 18, 2011

Only two weeks to go!!!

Since I'm somewhat behind on blogging I haven't had a chance to update on our recent plans of moving to Katy from Abilene VERY SOON! Back at the beginning of June after Jake found out that he didn't receive the job promotion he had interviewed for and really hoping to get at the Abilene Sprint store, he randomly got a call from a store manager in the Katy area he had talked to a few months back. The store manager at the Katy Sprint store had recently got an open spot for the same promotion he had interviewed for at the Abilene store. Right off the bat Jake & the store manager in Katy really clicked and he was offered a job very quickly which was such great news but still ALOT to think about. We really felt like it was such a great opportunity and at a really good time in our lives with Jake really wanting to move up in the Sprint company, my sister & brother in law who live there and getting ready to welcome their first baby into the world in mid December, just wanting to be closer to all my family that lives in that area, and just with all of Jake's family moving to different places all outside of Abilene. We both just felt like we were ready to move on to the next phase in our life and really just felt at peace with this opportunity to move our life to the Katy area.

After telling our families and really making the decision real we began the good ole' apartment search and with the help of my sister and brother in law we were able to find a great apartment even with being six hours away which was such a blessing. It has also turned out to blessing that Houston just happens to have some of the best medical care in the country and seeing as how I have been having lots of medical difficulties and definitely need close monitoring with my diabetes and epilepsy issues I really feel like it is going to work out great, my doctors have been great with giving me really good references down in that area. The only thing that is going to be pretty difficult but I know will end up working out for the best is that because my driving restrictions with epilepsy really mess with my job abilities I am going to stay here in Abilene for the month of July and live with my parents and continue working for the Trammells and go on vacation with them at the end of July into August to Vail, Colorado.

We are really getting excited and moving and beginning this next adventure in life together! But our sweet little Abilene will definitely be missed, I think I will miss Abilene more than Jake will which is totally ok. It is going to be weird to not live in the same town as my parents anymore but I know it will be fine, it will just be that more exciting when I see them. But I know what is going to be the most difficult for me is being away from my three little girls- Maggie, Claire, & Elizabeth. I am definitely so glad that I get to go to Colorado for eight days with them, it is really going to help be one last fun time with the whole family which is really special to me. And I know this really isn't a goodbye because I will be back often to visit my parents and them but I will just have to really get used to not seeing them every day and not being involved in all their big milestones in their lives. I definitely know I will be in Abilene for every birthday in January and August as long as it is possible. But words can not explain in any way, shape, or form how excited I am to be so close when my sweet little nephew or niece gets here, it is SO SO much such a dream come true for me. So needless to say I cannot wait for December to get here!!

Next on the list is the trip next week with my family down to Houston/Beaumont for my cousin Hannah's wedding, we are leaving Wednesday afternoon after I get off work and coming back Sunday evening. Then the very next weekend we leave to start the moving process so the next two weeks are going to be SO CRAZY for us. I will hopefully get a chance to update before all the moving craziness starts of a full wedding/family trip post, so stay tuned!

Friday, June 3, 2011

End of the year stuff

So as always at the end of the year, mainly in May the girls have alot of programs and events to attend that are always too adorable for words and as expected I enjoy EVERY minute of them! I think it gets better every single year because each year they are one year older and you can really start to see their true talent and personality through all of their activities and such. These pictures below go from most recent to earlier in the month and tried my hardest to get the best pictures of them but as we all know capturing kids under 5 is really not the easiest thing in life to do. If I am able to find a video of their dance recital I will definitely post it on here because it is just too precious not to share! Hope you enjoy the pictures from their May events.

Claire doing her ballerina stance for a picture during intermission at the recital

Elizabeth with my mom's glasses on being silly during intermission at the recital

Smart Baby Elizabeth...such a cutie!!

Claire receiving her gymnastics medal after performing on the floor and balance beam, so cute to watch them be awarded their own medals, they were SO PROUD!

Maggie getting her gymnastics medal, this girl loves her gymnastics class and is actually getting pretty good at all the different tricks they are all starting to do!

Maggie after she did a cartwheel off of the balance beam, we were all WAY PROUD of her!

Claire doing her balance beam act, she was so serious and cute while she did everything!

Elizabeth & I after Claire's end of the year preschool program...not sure why she is pouting but she has been pouting on command alot lately, I guess it is just a phase!

Claire's 3 year old class performing their fruit of the spirit songs...each row wore either green, yellow, or red shirts with painted fruit on them. It is always so cute to hear them sing all about Jesus and all the songs they learn at school.

Here is another picture, basically the same as the one above, just unfortunately with random people's heads in the picture. It was really hard to get a picture close enough where you could actually see Claire really well since I didn't go sit on the floor while they are singing haha.

Graduation Weekend

A couple of weeks ago one of my closest cousins graduated from ACU so we had some family in town to see her graduate and celebrate with lunch afterwards. Unfortunately the only thing I got pictures of was the after celebration which sucks a little but I suppose I will live. It has been a great four years to have Rachel here in Abilene while she has been going to school here at ACU and she definitely will be missed. Luckily we will be seeing quite a bit of Rachel even though she won't be living here in Abilene anymore because her fiance isn't graduating until December so I know she will be here visiting him, but also here in a couple weeks we have Hannah(her sister's) wedding down in Beaumont and then this coming up March Rachel is getting married which means lots of family time in the next several months. But here are a few pictures from our last official lunch celebration with Rachel here with us in Abilene.

The only thing that kinda put a damper on that fun weekend filled with fun graduation celebration was that I had another seizure that afternoon while all of us girls-mom, jenna, rachel, and monica were on our way to one of our favorite little antique stores. So we went home to try and get me all settled after having a seizure in Rachel's car on the way to this antique store. So after all this happened Jake & I spend the rest of the weekend at my parents house so someone could make sure I was ok while I was recovering from the seizure, especially while Jake had to work some that weekend. I will do a whole other post soon on my most recent neurologist appointment and all the current updates on my condition.

Rachel & Christopher

Rachel, Christopher, & Bailey (Rachel's fiance)

Dad opening Rachel's "thank you" gift- a three in one picture frame, all pictures of my dad & Rachel. It was such a sweet going away gift, I think it made my dad tear up a little bit.

Another Jimmy & Rachel picture

Rachel & My mom