Friday, June 3, 2011

End of the year stuff

So as always at the end of the year, mainly in May the girls have alot of programs and events to attend that are always too adorable for words and as expected I enjoy EVERY minute of them! I think it gets better every single year because each year they are one year older and you can really start to see their true talent and personality through all of their activities and such. These pictures below go from most recent to earlier in the month and tried my hardest to get the best pictures of them but as we all know capturing kids under 5 is really not the easiest thing in life to do. If I am able to find a video of their dance recital I will definitely post it on here because it is just too precious not to share! Hope you enjoy the pictures from their May events.

Claire doing her ballerina stance for a picture during intermission at the recital

Elizabeth with my mom's glasses on being silly during intermission at the recital

Smart Baby Elizabeth...such a cutie!!

Claire receiving her gymnastics medal after performing on the floor and balance beam, so cute to watch them be awarded their own medals, they were SO PROUD!

Maggie getting her gymnastics medal, this girl loves her gymnastics class and is actually getting pretty good at all the different tricks they are all starting to do!

Maggie after she did a cartwheel off of the balance beam, we were all WAY PROUD of her!

Claire doing her balance beam act, she was so serious and cute while she did everything!

Elizabeth & I after Claire's end of the year preschool program...not sure why she is pouting but she has been pouting on command alot lately, I guess it is just a phase!

Claire's 3 year old class performing their fruit of the spirit songs...each row wore either green, yellow, or red shirts with painted fruit on them. It is always so cute to hear them sing all about Jesus and all the songs they learn at school.

Here is another picture, basically the same as the one above, just unfortunately with random people's heads in the picture. It was really hard to get a picture close enough where you could actually see Claire really well since I didn't go sit on the floor while they are singing haha.

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