Monday, November 28, 2011

Last Vacation Post I Promise...Fun in Vermont!

Yes, this is the very last vacation post of course until our next fun vacation, which hopefully won't be too long haha! This one is all about our fun times in Vermont, although we were there the shortest amount of time, it was alot of fun! We absolutely loved where we stayed while we were in Vermont, it was an old bed and breakfast, called The Old Stagecoach Inn, it was so different from what we normally do, so it was really fun! We did a few different tours which was also fun, enjoyed seeing some really beautiful nature areas in Vermont and had some really fun times together as our entire vacations was slowly winding down to a close! While we were in Vermont we were able to go to the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory and see everything there, go on the ice cream tour and able to watch them while they made Cheesecake Brownie ice cream and taste a different flavor at the end of the tour. We also got to go on the Cabot Creamery Cheese Factory tour and able to taste all different kinds of cheeses and other specialty items, we even bought a few home that we really loved! We did alot of discovering of Vermont and saw that it was so much more of a dairy and agricultural state than either Maine or New Hampshire so the scenery and things to do there were alot different, but definitely still a fun visit!

Here is the sign outside of our bed & breakfast where we stayed in Vermont

Here is the cute, colorful clock outside of the Ben & Jerry's entrance

Here is the big green Ben & Jerry's Cowmobile that is outside of Ben & Jerry's

And here is the flavor graveyard in the back at Ben & Jerry's. This is where all the flavors that don't do well get taken to and every once in awhile they will resurrect a few of the flavors so that was fun to see which flavors people didn't like.

Here is a picture of the big dairy towers at the Cabot Creamery factory we went to.

And here is the Visitors Center at Cabot Creamery, so much delicious cheese to choose from!

Here is a picture of the front of our bed and breakfast, I LOVED that it was purple!

Here is a closer view of the front porch of the bed and breakfast in Vermont.

I thought the capital building in Vermont was just outstandingly beautiful, I just loved it. It is in Montpelier, Vermont and is surrounded by beautiful trees and other gorgeous landscaping and with the fall colors I just couldn't get enough of how pretty it was. It has this amazing gold top with this little statue of a man on the very top that looks like a steeple if you don't look real closely!

Jake & Aunt Sally standing on the Quechee Gorge in Vermont

Sorry for the squinting look on my face, it was very sunny that day. But this was outside of Cabot Creamery, Jake made me pose in the cow model since I was SO excited about tasting all the delicious cheeses at Cabot!

Here is Jake & I in front of the Ben & Jerry's Cow Mobile

And here we are as "Ben & Jerry" on the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough lid

Another beautiful building with gorgeous trees in downtown Montpelier, Vermont

Here is the front of our bed and breakfast

Jake & I outside of the bed and breakfast on our last day in Vermont!

Here I am kneeling next to a flavor that sounded good to me, anything Italian, especially cannolis I can never pass up, definitely the heritage, but too bad the holy cannoli flavor was buried in the flavor graveyard.

This is the beautiful view of the Quechee Gorge in Vermont, it was honestly breathtaking!

This was the rightside view of our bed and breakfast, I thought it had such a cool view with the tall red brick chimney against the tall purple house.
The front entrance of Ben & Jerry's

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New England Fall Colors

I decided I wanted to post a few pictures of the breathtaking fall colors that we got to see and experience up in the New England area, which is something we don't get to see down south for the most part. Most of the really colorful leaves we saw in New Hampshire, everything was starting to change around Boston, but it was nothing near what we got to see around New Hampshire. In Vermont things were changing, but it much more of a farm/agriculture state than New Hampshire was. I definitely noticed alot more green while we were in Vermont than anywhere else. As far as fall colors go New Hampshire definitely was the best. So here were my favorite pictures of the beauty of fall on our trip. A couple of these are definitely framers!

This one was taken while in New Hampshire on our train ride, I loved the rocks and water mixed with gorgeous orange and yellow colors here!

Also while driving around discovering New Hampshire we found several perfect photo opportunities that were truly just pathways of beauty with the tall trees surrounding it with orange and yellow leaves everywhere. It really is indescribeable up there this time of year!

This was another one taken in New Hampshire

I absolutely LOVED this picture of the concrete steps with the orange and red colored leaves covering it.

These huge trees were literally EVERYWHERE in Maine and New Hampshire, so I don't really remember where this picture was taken exactly. Everytime we saw one of these it made me think of Christmas time so much, they were so pretty!
 This one was of a perfectly orangish-red tree in front of a cute, old white church in New Hampshire, it was just too pretty and perfect for words.

This golden fall view was taken across the street from Polly's Pancake Parlor in New Hampshire, so perfect with the fall colors and mountains in the background.

I LOVED this area of Vermont so much, this was in Montpelier, the capital of Vermont right next door to the capital building which was so gorgeous by the way!

LOVE this way taken looking up into the sky and sunlight, love the yellow leaves.

New Hampshire trees and leaves in the fall

Another mountain view in New Hampshire
And lastly a mini waterfall view from our trainride in New Hampshire

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fun in New Hampshire Part One

Here is part one in all of our fun times in New Hampshire, both Jake & I really loved New Hampshire although it was totally different than Maine, it was really fun and so BEAUTIFUL in a different way! We got to experience lots of different things while we were there from mountains to a different kind of water than we saw in Maine and also a train ride and so much gorgeous fall colors and really cool covered bridges and yummy local food. I decided to do this first post about New Hampshire with all of our pictures of us at different places and locations and such. And part two of the New Hampshire post is going to be all about the fall colors and beautiful trees and such. We took so many pictures of all the pretty trees and leaves and the beautiful atmosphere we got to experience in New Hampshire so I am going to do all that kind of stuff in the next post. There are just far too many pictures to post in one post, sorry!

Aunt Sally & I at one of the National Parks in New Hampshire, it was so beautiful.

Aunt Sally & I on the train ride before we starting rolling on our way through the mountains of New Hampshire.

Aunt Sally, Jake, & I in New Hampshire with the mountains and gorgeous colors all behind us.

While we there we saw these signs everywhere, they were pretty serious about this moose thing. Jake & I wanted to see a moose somewhere so bad, but it never happened so sad :( oh well...

Here is the Conway Scenic Railroad that we road on through the mountains in New Hampshire

These are the actual cars we rode in on the train

I LOVED all of the cool covered bridges we got to see in New Hampshire. This particular one was in Jackson, New Hampshire, everything around it was completely beautiful, feels like you are in a movie, reminded me of one of my favorites, Baby Boom. There was water beneath and such pretty trees and fall colors everywhere around it, it was just PERFECT!

This was our lunch train stop in Crawford, New Hampshire, it was very cold that day as we sat outside to eat our lunch and admire the scenery.

This neat little landscaping thing was in Jackson, New Hampshire near the covered bridge on a center median thing, it was so creative and cool. It was very obvious that they really go all out for the different seasons up in New England, even for road decor haha, we don't have that here in the south, I LOVED IT up there!

LOVE this perfect picture of the train coming toward us, this is where they let us get out before we stopped for lunch and stretch our legs and get some good pictures of the train and all the pretty scenery we were surrounded by. While we were all doing that they would back the train up and come toward to pick us up so we could see the train backing up and then see from the front coming toward us, it was so neat to see since neither of us had ever ridden on a real train like this!

Jake & I standing in front of the covered bridge in Jackson, New Hampshire

Jake & I in a random spot we found that was SO PERFECT for good pictures, it had the greatest yellow leaves with birch trees everywhere, it was just gorgeous we had to stop and get some good pictures!

Jake & I outside one of the visitors centers we stopped at in New Hampshire to look at the mountain view with all the pretty trees and fall colors and take some great pictures!

Another great photo opportunity, this one particular spot had alot of oranges and reds. It really was neat to get to see and experience all the different colors from state to state and even all the different we went seemed to have a different range of colors and leaves.

This is me while we were at the visitors center in New Hampshire to take pictures and look at the great views, it was such an awesome view through those viewfinders, cannot even explain the beauty!

Jake taking my picture on this rock with all the leaves around it

This was outside Polly's Pancake Parlor which was an old place that made any pancake, made to order, from regular to pecan to coconut to chocolate chip, really any kind of pancake. I loved it so much, I love pancakes, but they had this cute little horse outside of the restaurant so I took my picture on it haha.

This sign was for a lodging place that I just thought was neat looking, it looked very christmas like with the horse and the sleigh, I just had to take a picture of it.
 Sorry about this car in the picture, but I have such a love for old, white churches like this and they were EVERYWHERE up in new england, I wanted to get out and take pictures of every single I saw, but I refrained. This particular one was in New Hampshire and I took this picture from the car with the window down so that is why the car is in the picture, I wasn't able to get around it.

Here is the sign out front at Polly's Pancake Parlor with gorgeous scenery surrounding it of course...

And this is the actual restaurant of Polly's Pancake Parlor, it was so old and neat in the inside.

This was the entrance sign of the resort that we stayed at in New Hampshire, it was a really neat area, very secluded, near the mountains, it really felt like you were the only one staying there!
This was taken when we were off of the train stretching our legs and taking pictures of all the scenery while they backed up the train and we were able to get a good picture of the back of the train with the conductor waving, SO NEAT!!