Saturday, November 5, 2011

Our Maine Adventures Part 1

After my first VERY LONG vacation post the other day I decided to break each different state we visited into two different posts because we just did SO MUCH stuff and have way too many pictures to put in just a single post. So here is part one post of our Maine adventures, the first one is about where we stayed and the scenery around it mainly. We stayed in Ogunquit, Maine which was such a cute, little, lobster town in Maine and we absolutely LOVED the place we stayed at, it was our favorite! We stayed at a resort inn called  The Anchorage Inn & Resort and it was so neat because it was literally right on the beautiful beach when we walked outside our room! The first day we were there we walked around the whole resort and some of the beach area and just discovered everything and took lots of pictures, but it instantly reminded me of the place that stay at on vacation on the movie, Dirty Dancing, so that was fun! All the pictures below are of our resort we stayed, the scenery around our resort, and the very cute fall decorations around our resort. I hope you enjoy!

This is the back part of our resort, which just happened to me right next to our room, which was so convenient. And sitting out in these lawn chairs looked out onto a gorgeous Maine beach, the view was amazing!

Here are a few pictures of the cute Angry Birds pumpkin display at our resort entrance which we thought was too hilarious for words!
 Here are a few more of the different, little Angry Birds in the display, it was done very well!

 This is a picture of the entrance when you drove into the resort, to say the least these are the BIGGEST pumpkins Jake or I had ever seen. All of the fall decorations around the resort were so cute and festive, pumpkins of all shapes, sizes, and colors, scarecrows, and so much more to get you in the fall mood!

Here is a cute picture of Jake & his Aunt Sally standing in front of the huge pumpkins at the entry.

This is Jake & I standing in front of the main entrance to the lobby at the resort all decorated for fall with great harvest landscaping and pumpkins of course!

This picture above is on of the days when it actually wasn't rainy and overcast while we were in Maine. This was also taken right outside of our room on the gorgeous sunny day, so pretty!
And this last one was of the Maine beach when it was rainy and overcast, but it was so neat getting to see the Maine beaches these two different ways, but equally as pretty! I love the rocky beaches, it was really fun for us because we have only ever seen Florida, Texas, Carribean, and Mexico beaches which look SO different from the rocky ones we saw in Maine so that was really cool for us!

More Maine adventures coming up....

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