Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Last of Our Maine Adventures

So this is the very last post of our adventures in Maine and it has quite a few pictures, sorry I was trying to squeeze the last of everything into one post. But of course there is stuff that is still left out of this post, like my first bowl ever of new england clam chowder which might I say is AMAZING!! There were just LOTS of yummy restaurants we went to that I forgot to take pictures of, but we had awesome seafood, good italian once, and some really great local homestyle cooking at a few restaurants and we LOVED it all!! But here are all the pictures of the last of our Maine adventures, enjoy!
Here is the vacation home of our former president, George W. Bush. This is the part of their home where the secret service crew stays when people are there.
This is the family vacation home where they stay, it looks so gorgeous right!?
And here are Jake & I's "Larry the lobsters" getting ready to be boiled so we can enjoy their meat and my were they delicious!!
Here is my "Larry the lobster" after he had been dismantled and eaten I tried putting him back together so I could get a picture of him because I forgot to do that before probably out of excitement!
Me with my lobster bib, ready to enjoy Larry!
Jake "wearing" the lobster claws, so silly, but I love him so much, he is so much fun!
Jake with his lobster bib on, ready to enjoy!
Jake & I after our first ever fresh lobster experience and we LOVED it!
The experienced Aunt Sally with her lobster bib ready to dig in!
The sign at the restaurant of first lobster experience in Ogunquit, Maine
The tank full of lobster ready to picked and boiled and eaten.
While driving around the Kennebunkport area of Maine we saw these wild turkeys playing in the water in front of this random house and I thought it would be a cool picture.
I love this seagull picture, it was taken while we were in Glochester, Maine. I think it makes the perfect coastal picture the way the seagull is perfectly posing on this rock with the ocean behind it.
I thought the rusty, green coloring of this old anchor was great, this was also in the Glochester area of Maine where there is a fantastic fishermens memorial.
Jake looking out onto the ocean in Glochester, Maine through the viewfinders
Jake & I standing next to one of the fisherman memorial plaques in Glochester, Maine
Jake & I down on the beach in Glochester, Maine
Jake & Aunt Sally next to one of the fisherman memorial statues in Glochester, Maine
I love gazebos so much and they were everywhere in the new england area, but I thought this one was so great with the ocean in the background and with the American flag flying right next to it.
Here is the fisherman's memorial compass engraved in the concrete sidewalk in the Glochester area of Maine.
I thought this was such a sweet memorial statue of the wives and children of the fishermen who were lost out at sea.
I loved this fishermen memorial statue in Glochester, Maine, I just loved the greenish coloring it had.
This was just a cool black anchor we found leaning up against someone's house that we randomly passed on the side of the road and I just thought it would be really cool to have a picture of it.
Aunt Sally & I standing next to one of the fishermens memorial plaques.
I thought all of these memorial plaques were so neat, they have each fishermen's name who was lost out at sea on them. If you are ever in the Glochester area of Maine this is a really neat place to visit.
Coming up next....our adventures in New Hampshire!!

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