Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New England Fall Colors

I decided I wanted to post a few pictures of the breathtaking fall colors that we got to see and experience up in the New England area, which is something we don't get to see down south for the most part. Most of the really colorful leaves we saw in New Hampshire, everything was starting to change around Boston, but it was nothing near what we got to see around New Hampshire. In Vermont things were changing, but it much more of a farm/agriculture state than New Hampshire was. I definitely noticed alot more green while we were in Vermont than anywhere else. As far as fall colors go New Hampshire definitely was the best. So here were my favorite pictures of the beauty of fall on our trip. A couple of these are definitely framers!

This one was taken while in New Hampshire on our train ride, I loved the rocks and water mixed with gorgeous orange and yellow colors here!

Also while driving around discovering New Hampshire we found several perfect photo opportunities that were truly just pathways of beauty with the tall trees surrounding it with orange and yellow leaves everywhere. It really is indescribeable up there this time of year!

This was another one taken in New Hampshire

I absolutely LOVED this picture of the concrete steps with the orange and red colored leaves covering it.

These huge trees were literally EVERYWHERE in Maine and New Hampshire, so I don't really remember where this picture was taken exactly. Everytime we saw one of these it made me think of Christmas time so much, they were so pretty!
 This one was of a perfectly orangish-red tree in front of a cute, old white church in New Hampshire, it was just too pretty and perfect for words.

This golden fall view was taken across the street from Polly's Pancake Parlor in New Hampshire, so perfect with the fall colors and mountains in the background.

I LOVED this area of Vermont so much, this was in Montpelier, the capital of Vermont right next door to the capital building which was so gorgeous by the way!

LOVE this way taken looking up into the sky and sunlight, love the yellow leaves.

New Hampshire trees and leaves in the fall

Another mountain view in New Hampshire
And lastly a mini waterfall view from our trainride in New Hampshire

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