Monday, November 7, 2011

Our Maine Adventures Part 2

Here is part two of our Main adventures, this is the day we had  the roughest of the weather but it was still great, we LOVED seeing all of the lighthouse stuff! The day we went out to see this lighthouse it was cold, rainy, very windy, but definitely what you would expect the east coast in Maine to feel like on a cold fall or winter day. But luckily it wasn't pouring down raining or anything, just a kinda heavy rain but very windy and misty. We both have pretty much agreed that out of all the states we visited we loved Maine the best, it just fit our personalities best, New Hampshire was very very close though! But here are the pictures from our lighthouse day in Maine, hope you enjoy :)

Here is Aunt Sally & I looking out the viewfinders with the lighthouse behind us

And here is USLHS 1926 bell near the lighthouse, it was really neat.

Jake & I standing in front of the water and lighthouse area
 Such a cool place to visit, I just LOVE lighthouses so much. It really was the most perfect scenery ever with all the white on the lighthouses, the big rocks everywhere, and the gorgeous water around everything. I kept saying while we there looking and taking pictures of everything how I felt like we should be on the movie, Message in a Bottle with Kevin Costner haha, that is exactly what it felt like to me.

And this neat little rust colored lighthouse was near the memorial plaque which was really neat to see and read about.

This is the lighthouse memorial plaque

And here is Jake being silly taking a fun picture with the buoy that we found laying around on the big rocks near the water. I just love everything about him and his fun personality, vacations are so fun with him!! :)

As you can tell the water was so so rough that day, but it made for such great moments and pictures with it crashing against all the big rocks, I loved the sound of hearing it crash, we love the ocean so much!
And I loved getting to take pictures of the cute seagulls sitting on these big rocks. I think this is such a perfect picture with the rocks, water, boats, seagulls, and I love how you can tell how it was such a cold and overcast day.

And the last of our Maine adventures is coming up next...

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