Friday, February 25, 2011

life in February

Another month going by, which was a short one, but even still like every other month it has FLOWN by. It has been a week or two since I have written anything, but life has gotten really busy lately. We finally got past all the snow and cold weather of winter 2011 and have apparently made such a fast transition into spring 2011 and let me tell you it feels WONDERFUL!! We have been enjoying time outside whenever we can since it has been so gorgeous here lately. We had an awesome valentines day, great birthday celebration for Jake, and a just busy busy lately. We have taken ALOT of pictures since getting our lovely new camera, which we LOVE, so as you can see there are alot more pictures on this blog, hopefully it will be much more enjoyable. Hope you enjoy the pictures!!

My beautiful peridot ring, my awesome husband got me for valentines/anniversary gift
I love it so so much!!

sweet Claire on the slide while playing outside the other day

practing a little bit of baseball in preparation for baseball season coming, WE CAN'T WAIT!!

baby Elizabeth swinging...her newest favorite thing to do!

gymnast Maggie doing her tricks for the camera

silly Miles hanging out

baby Chloe standing up and playing

beautiful flower arrangement at Lisa's house, most likely from Valentines day, but I thought they were gorgeous and love how the colors in picture turned out!

Claire & Duke playing at my parent's house the other night

we took all the girls to go play at a nearby park the other evening, sweet Elizabeth playing in the tunnel

Maggie & Claire sliding together

LOVE this picture of Maggie, her shirt made her eyes look so so blue!!

Claire Bear in the slide

rosy cheek Maggie swinging at the park

sliding down the slide with baby Elizabeth

her ABSOLUTE favorite thing to do...she loves it & I love the way she laughs when we do this!

love the expression on her face, ha!

sweet picture with all my girls!

LOVE this picture of Elizabeth & I, she is just getting too big too fast :(

I thought this was such a pretty picture of her...she just looks so sweet, I just can't get over it!

Claire & Henry, we had a fun playdate the other day

haha, I thought this picture was hilarious, I LOVE LOVE these headbands and thought it would be funny if she wore it, makes me sad I don't have a little baby to play dress up with and put these on!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

My most recent dream come true

So towards the end of our huge snowstorm of 2011 we ventured out to Best Buy after saving up ALOT of our money, playing with, researching, and finally coming to a decision on our first DSLR camera. We went so back and forth for a couple weeks on which camera was the best for us to buy, we were between this Nikon 3100 and a Canon EOS Rebel T1i, which are both really great cameras, but there were a few more features that this Nikon d3100 had that the Canon didn't and so far we have been SO pleased with our purchase. I haven't had alot of time yet to take it out on the town and experiment and play around with it, but really looking forward to that!

I cannot tell you how long I have dreamed and looked at all of these cameras and to actually have one in hand to use for whatever I want is almost surreal for me. I am so excited to get to start learning all about this camera and what it will do and photography in general, I have so much to learn, but am really looking forward to it all! I have been interested in photography for a long time, but to finally get to use this camera as a part of my interest and new hobbies is just beyond exciting! So there will definitely be LOTS more pictures on this blog due to my new toy! So I hope everyone enjoys the results :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

SNOW DAY 2011!!

SNOW DAY 2011 has been such a fun one, cannot believe we are here on February 1st on our very first snow day of the winter. I know most of the north part of Texas and northern states all had snow days today, but I can assure you this is THE COLDEST weather I have ever been in, the low today was 3 degrees, with a high that never reached 20, although the weathermen predicted a high of 32. And tomorrow we have a low of 6, with a high of 17, kinda afraid all the snow is going to freeze over night and we are going to have ice problems to deal with tomorrow. I love the snow, it's so so pretty, fun to look at, and snow days are wonderful to just relax and have fun at home. Ice for me is really a different story, so much more dangerous than snow and definitely not as pretty and fun to play in. Sadly enough I didn't end up taking any of my own pictures this time it snowed, but I stole these two off my dad's facebook, I thought they were so pretty!

Jake & I did venture out to do some grocery shopping since we were running low on food in the house and since it's not supposed to get to above freezing until Friday. We went pretty early this morning to go to Sam's to do our grocery shopping, went to the post office, the bank, united(to return one item), & to target. The roads were not horrible when we left this morning to head to the grocery store and a few other errands, but by the time we got to target everything was starting to get really nasty, the snow was turning to slush because of people driving on the road and then was refreezing on the road and getting a tad bit risky out there. Our trip to Target was definitely very eventful, the parking lot was still pretty high with snow but we parked close, went into the store and did all our shopping well by the time we went back out to the car to leave our car stuck on the snow & ice so that was really fun for Jake & a really nice man who helped push the car while I drove it and FINALLY we were out of the snowy, icy Target parking lot headed home to get warm!! All in all it was such a fun day and are so glad we were both off of work on this cold day to spend together at home!! Hope everyone out there is doing their best to stay warm!

my parents house in the snow
the pretty "snow angel" at my parents house