Friday, February 19, 2010

its coming SO SO soon!!!!

So i'll apologize in advance for this post not having any pictures, I'm not writing it at my own computer so unfortunately there are no pictures :( (next post I promise)

So wow I know I say this everytime I write about how many more days till wedding day & how fast it is approaching, but I'll say it again and will probably keep saying it until it gets here because I guess it just never felt like the day was finally going to arrive, but I have one month till the day I have been planning for basically a year, in 4 weeks I'm going to change my life forever in the most wonderful, magical, exciting way that I can imagine! So as you can tell it is consuming my thoughts at work & home, has taken over my daily errands, my dreams, my emails, my phone calls, pretty much everything and I still don't mind it one single bit! In 29 days or 4 weeks whichever you prefer my life as Jillian Grace is going to be totally different, my priorities will be different, my daily life will be somewhat different, even my name will be different, but I know all these changes are going to put me on cloud nine because I am so excited!

Aside from all the excitement yes I still have plenty on the agenda to do before wedding day can happily make its entrance. So far here is the list:

-get rehearsal dinner invitations ready & mailed
-take care of all wedding party gifts
-order flowers
-figure boutiouneers
-figure out rest of hostess gifts for Beaumont shower in March
-do trial run of wedding favors
-pick up dresses at alterations place
-get official guest count from rsvp cards
-meet with caterer for last time to finalize head count
-finalize schedule of wedding day
-send guest list to my boss for lingerie lunch
-finalize wedding party & family pictures pre-wedding & after wedding
-paint tree
-paint and decorate flower girls baskets
-get white ribbon for my bouquets
-buy champagne from the liquor store
-get marriage license

That is all the stuff I can think of right now, but I'm fairly certain there is more I just of course cannot remember. I have been such a busy little bird the last month it seems like and I know that is all just going to pick up alot more during these next 4 weeks and I am geared up and ready, not sure if I could be any more ready! Aside from all the serious stuff I have been practicing with my little flower girls Maggie & Claire for the big wedding day and they are so excited, Maggie really does wonderful and will be precious, Claire haha she is just precious and I know it will be so cute, she just doesn't get that she has to walk the same speed as maggie, but I know they will both do SO great and will be the cutest little flower girls ever! I'm just so excited to see them all glamed up and stuff I just can't wait for everything about the wedding. And I have officially bought all the dresses I am taking with me on the cruise, all the shorts/pants I am bringing with me, I'll probably buy a few tank tops to take with me & a good pair of flip flops for by the pool and on the beach and stuff, but aside from that I am done shopping for honeymoon stuff. I bought new swimsuits, plenty of new sundresses and fancy dresses, shorts to wear, & new tops to wear, and got a few new pairs of shoes for the trip, so I really think just from all the cute stuff I have bought for this trip that its going to be such an amazing vacation I literally cannot wait!

Well I guess thats about all I have to say right now about how fast the wedding is approaching, I'll be back sooner than later hopefully with some sort of pictures and another wedding update as the time flys by! Enjoy your weekend, I know I will! :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bridal Shower #1

BEWARE LOTS OF PICTURES!!! So we are now down to 37 days till I can hear those wedding bells, which is so crazy, I just can't even believe it! Last weekend I had my first bridal shower here in Abilene at my boss' house and it was so wonderful, she did an awesome job decorating, doing the food, she was just an amazing hostess all around! Some of my family were able to come in town for the big day which made it SO extra special, my sister, aunt monica and cousin hannah were able to come enjoy the weekend with me. I loved every single minute of the shower, it was just perfect, so fancy like I love! I got so many wonderful things at the shower that we registered for and we love every single bit of it! Some of the great things we got were: our 14 piece Calphalon pots & pans set, 17 piece Calphalon knive set, 5 different cook books (I think I got the hint guys, you want me to learn to cook ha), crock pot, two different gift cards, two super cute black & white serving platters, one food network party serving platter, glass drink dispenser, a beautiful silver pitcher, 5 piece serving utensil set, very cute apron to wear while I cook, all of our bedding (aside from our bedskirt), some cute coasters, kitchen towels & oven mitts, panini press, waffle maker, griddle/grill pan that is reverisble, two great pillows, our calphalon bakeware set, and I think that may have been it, unless I missed a few items!

I love all the gifts I received and am so very thankful for everyone who came and/or brought a gift, I appreciate so much! I'm really looking forward to my next bridal shower which is in Beaumont, texas with all of my family and close beaumont friends, its going to be great! I haven't been down to Beaumont to see all of my family since Christmas I guess and I am definitely looking forward to it, I know they are going to put on such a special shower for me, I'm so grateful I have such loving family that make me feel so special and honored during this time of my life. I'll be back with another post soon with pictures of our newly decorated bedroom and new furniture! Enjoy the pictures :)

the bride with her mimosa :)
me & rachel with elizabeth

sweet maggie & I

my sweet girls...maggie, claire, & Elizabeth love them :)

me with my future MIL

the tables, decorations, and display were all so beautiful!

Shower #1 cousin picture

my sweet hostesses, they did such a great job!

The Ellison Ladies