Friday, August 20, 2010

our newest addition

So as of today we have one little friend to introduce to our family...he is two years old & his name is Emmitt & he is a full bred Boston Terrier. Jake found him yesterday afternoon at our local animal shelter, but he wasn't ready to come home until today so I went to pick him up today and take him home with me. According the animal shelter he was found a few days ago on a rather busy road in a very nice part of town near one of our hospitals and close to a main highway here in town. So far he has been such a well behaved and sweet little dog, it has been obvious that he belonged to someone and had a real home because so far he is pretty much house broken & knows simple commands such as sit, lay, stay, etc. He loves to cuddle, kiss, and play with us already. And he is also a big napper which I can't say I mind. We can already tell how happy he is to not be caged up at the animal shelter and to have soft furniture and carpet to lay on and people to love on him & play with.

I do have to admit that I did not want a dog at least for a long while...but Jake was a different story. I love dogs, I wouldn't say I am an animal person, but I do love dogs. Jake is definitely an animal lover, but has always wanted a dog, especially a full bred Boston Terrier. He is defiintely so happy to have him with us now. We feel so lucky that we just came upon him at our local animal shelter since full bred Bostons can usually get pretty pricey. We are certainly hoping that little Emmitt will be part of our little family for a long time to come.

Hope you enjoy the pictures...

Hi my name is Emmitt

I love my new life
My owners are really awesome :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Andrea's Wedding Weekend

This weekend we went to Dallas for the weekend as our last getaway for the summer, since we won't be going out of town until the weekend of my birthday. We went to Dallas for our good friend Andrea's wedding on Saturday afternoon. We actually left friday morning to start the weekend...we went to one of our favorite places to eat La Madelines for lunch, then went to a few stores to do some shopping at, checked into our hotel, did some more shopping, hung out at the pool/hot tub at the hotel, then ate dinner at the restaurant in our hotel. On Saturday we did some more shopping and then went back to the hotel to start getting ready for our wedding that afternoon. It was SO hot that afternoon for the wedding, but we did survive, the wedding was very sweet and Andrea looked absolutely gorgeous, we spent sometime at the reception and then said our goodbyes to the happy couple. After we left the reception we headed back to the hotel to change out of our dress clothes and went to dinner and to hang out at Dave & Buster's for Josh's (Jake's brother's birthday celebration). On Sunday we headed back towards home and made one stop in Fort Worth at the mall and did a little bit more shopping and then went to eat a quick lunch before heading the rest of the way home.

All in all we had a great weekend, enjoyed seeing two good friends finally get married, had a much needed break from work/life in Abilene, and got alot of new stuff for our apartment and some stuff we both needed. But it was definitely good to be home :)

But here is our weekend in pictures, enjoy!

Jake & I with Jake's brother & girlfriend (Josh & Dani) at the wedding reception site
Jake & I with the happy bride & groom (Andrea & Stephen)

Me with beautiful Andrea at their wedding reception

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Rogers being introduced at their wedding reception

the back of the chairs that looked so pretty

The happy bride & groom with their wedding party at their wedding reception

the pretty centerpieces at the reception...mirror glass tiles, white tea light votives, pink cherry blossoms inside cylinder vases filled with water, and pink rose petals on the table.

The pink chocolate fondue fountain at the wedding reception

Stephen's groom cake...He is a huge car guy, so it was definitely fitting for him

Andrea's pretty pink cake...two square levels, two round levels, with black decor & diamond rhinestones, and big "R" initail for Rogers

being introduced for the first time as Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Rogers

LOVED her dress...the bottom part below the flowers tears off so the dress becomes short to dance in at the reception.

Andrea standing there with her dad before being handed over to Stephen

The front of the church before everything got started

Aikman here right outside Cowboy Stadium

All the flags outside Cowboy Stadium

The most amazing football stadium I have ever seen in my my Cowboys!!

Another view of the amazing Cowboy Stadium

Our last days of summer

Even though summer coming to a close doesn't mean all that much to me because I'm not in school anymore, things still change in one way or another. The girls are all getting ready to start school again, Maggie starts big Pre-K this year at Abilene Christian Elementary where she will be attending K-5th grade, her first day of school is tomorrow. She is so so excited and its so adorable, she will be going 3 days a week from 8-3, quite a difference from just mothers day out schedule, but I know she is going to love every minute of it. I cannot believe she is old enough to be going off to semi-real school this year, she acts and seems so old to me lately. Once again its weird to think that she was only 18 months old when I first met her and started keeping her.

Claire & Elizabeth will be at mothers day out at church this year, this is Elizabeth's first year of school, which is making me pretty sad to think about, even though I know she will have a good time. They don't start back to school for another two weeks I think, sometime after labor day. But needless to say they are all excited about getting back to school to see their friends and new teachers with all their school stuff, they are loving their new clothes, new backpacks & lunch boxes, & napmats.

Although summer is one of the greatest things ever, I could REALLY use a break from the heat disaster we have had this summer 100 + every single day is getting a little old! We are definitely ready for some fall weather around here and I do have to say that I am ready to get back into some sort of routine of things...I am REALLY looking forward to the holidays this year, going to be very different, yet exciting this year.

Anyways hope you enjoy the pictures from our last days of summer fun :)

Claire watching tv very intently
Elizabeth practicing walking around the furniture...although not interested at all in taking any real steps, she is still a crawling machine...

love her sweet smile :)

sorry about the light in these pictures...that window is really bright, but they are just too cute not to post on here

I love the back of this outfit...I swear she is the cutest thing ever

Claire posing for the these dresses

Maggie & Claire in their fun zoozoo babybug dresses, so cute!

Summer 2010 Ranch Trip

The first weekend in August most of my family took a trip to the ranch in the hill country for a weekend to spend together as a last fun time for the summer with everyone going back to school really soon. We spent most of our time together eating like usual in our family haha, laying out by the pool during the day, playing some games at night after dinner, enjoyed a few ranger rides around the ranch, and just spent time together for a few days.

Unfortunately Jake was not able to go with us to the ranch for the weekend because of work, he was not able to take off for the weekend, and he was missed greatly. But hopefully he will be able to come on the next family ranch trip whenever that might be.

I spent most of my time hanging out with Adley Ann (my newest cousin) which might I add is absolutely precious. Up until the first weekend in August at the ranch I had not seen/met her yet. I was not able to go down for her birth to see her back in June. I LOVED getting to hold her constantly, feed her, and just be around her, she is just so sweet and I wanted to take her home with me SO BAD!! Unfortunately the only pictures I took the weekend at the ranch were of sweet Adley, sorry there are not any more of the rest of the family, but hope you enjoy Adley!

Great Aunt Kathy holding Adley Ann
Adley Ann & her Bebo (a.k.a. Grandma Becky) taking a nap together one afternoon

Claire is 3

Claire Louise turned three years old on Thursday, August 5th, which is so crazy for me to think about. When I started my nanny job with the Trammells Claire was about four weeks old and seeing her grow up from the beginning has been such a joy. I have never met a more joyful child full of life, she is always such a joy to me around and cracks everyone up who is around her. I cannot imagine my life without getting to see her grow up.

She had such a fun 3rd birthday party with all her family and friends, it was a Hula themed party and was so adorable. Everyone had a great time in the pool hanging out with all the kids and talking. She also got some great birthday presents, my parents and Jake & I got her a set of Buzz lightyear motorized wings, they are so cute, they talk, open in and out and she loves them and is so hilarious to watch her fly in them!

Here are some pictures from her fun birthday party

Claire enjoying her Dora Hula Girl birthday cake
sweet baby Elizabeth in her Hula baby swimsuit...probably the cutest thing I have ever seen

Hula baby playing in the grass in her grass skirt

Claire blowing out her three birthday candles

Claire ready to swim with goggles and all

Claire making a wish

Now ready to eat her Dora Hula cake

Claire modeling her Buzz Lightyear wings

absolutely LOVE that smile :)