Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Our last days of summer

Even though summer coming to a close doesn't mean all that much to me because I'm not in school anymore, things still change in one way or another. The girls are all getting ready to start school again, Maggie starts big Pre-K this year at Abilene Christian Elementary where she will be attending K-5th grade, her first day of school is tomorrow. She is so so excited and its so adorable, she will be going 3 days a week from 8-3, quite a difference from just mothers day out schedule, but I know she is going to love every minute of it. I cannot believe she is old enough to be going off to semi-real school this year, she acts and seems so old to me lately. Once again its weird to think that she was only 18 months old when I first met her and started keeping her.

Claire & Elizabeth will be at mothers day out at church this year, this is Elizabeth's first year of school, which is making me pretty sad to think about, even though I know she will have a good time. They don't start back to school for another two weeks I think, sometime after labor day. But needless to say they are all excited about getting back to school to see their friends and new teachers with all their school stuff, they are loving their new clothes, new backpacks & lunch boxes, & napmats.

Although summer is one of the greatest things ever, I could REALLY use a break from the heat disaster we have had this summer 100 + every single day is getting a little old! We are definitely ready for some fall weather around here and I do have to say that I am ready to get back into some sort of routine of things...I am REALLY looking forward to the holidays this year, going to be very different, yet exciting this year.

Anyways hope you enjoy the pictures from our last days of summer fun :)

Claire watching tv very intently
Elizabeth practicing walking around the furniture...although not interested at all in taking any real steps, she is still a crawling machine...

love her sweet smile :)

sorry about the light in these pictures...that window is really bright, but they are just too cute not to post on here

I love the back of this outfit...I swear she is the cutest thing ever

Claire posing for the camera...love these dresses

Maggie & Claire in their fun zoozoo babybug dresses, so cute!

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