Friday, August 20, 2010

our newest addition

So as of today we have one little friend to introduce to our family...he is two years old & his name is Emmitt & he is a full bred Boston Terrier. Jake found him yesterday afternoon at our local animal shelter, but he wasn't ready to come home until today so I went to pick him up today and take him home with me. According the animal shelter he was found a few days ago on a rather busy road in a very nice part of town near one of our hospitals and close to a main highway here in town. So far he has been such a well behaved and sweet little dog, it has been obvious that he belonged to someone and had a real home because so far he is pretty much house broken & knows simple commands such as sit, lay, stay, etc. He loves to cuddle, kiss, and play with us already. And he is also a big napper which I can't say I mind. We can already tell how happy he is to not be caged up at the animal shelter and to have soft furniture and carpet to lay on and people to love on him & play with.

I do have to admit that I did not want a dog at least for a long while...but Jake was a different story. I love dogs, I wouldn't say I am an animal person, but I do love dogs. Jake is definitely an animal lover, but has always wanted a dog, especially a full bred Boston Terrier. He is defiintely so happy to have him with us now. We feel so lucky that we just came upon him at our local animal shelter since full bred Bostons can usually get pretty pricey. We are certainly hoping that little Emmitt will be part of our little family for a long time to come.

Hope you enjoy the pictures...

Hi my name is Emmitt

I love my new life
My owners are really awesome :)

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