Friday, June 3, 2011

Graduation Weekend

A couple of weeks ago one of my closest cousins graduated from ACU so we had some family in town to see her graduate and celebrate with lunch afterwards. Unfortunately the only thing I got pictures of was the after celebration which sucks a little but I suppose I will live. It has been a great four years to have Rachel here in Abilene while she has been going to school here at ACU and she definitely will be missed. Luckily we will be seeing quite a bit of Rachel even though she won't be living here in Abilene anymore because her fiance isn't graduating until December so I know she will be here visiting him, but also here in a couple weeks we have Hannah(her sister's) wedding down in Beaumont and then this coming up March Rachel is getting married which means lots of family time in the next several months. But here are a few pictures from our last official lunch celebration with Rachel here with us in Abilene.

The only thing that kinda put a damper on that fun weekend filled with fun graduation celebration was that I had another seizure that afternoon while all of us girls-mom, jenna, rachel, and monica were on our way to one of our favorite little antique stores. So we went home to try and get me all settled after having a seizure in Rachel's car on the way to this antique store. So after all this happened Jake & I spend the rest of the weekend at my parents house so someone could make sure I was ok while I was recovering from the seizure, especially while Jake had to work some that weekend. I will do a whole other post soon on my most recent neurologist appointment and all the current updates on my condition.

Rachel & Christopher

Rachel, Christopher, & Bailey (Rachel's fiance)

Dad opening Rachel's "thank you" gift- a three in one picture frame, all pictures of my dad & Rachel. It was such a sweet going away gift, I think it made my dad tear up a little bit.

Another Jimmy & Rachel picture

Rachel & My mom

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