Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wedding Day

Back at the beginning of May we celebrated the Josh (Jake's brother) & Dani's big wedding day here in Abilene, it was a fun day for all. They had the ceremony and reception here at the local Hilton Hotel in their banquet room, it was a small, but intimate celebration of their marriage. Both Jake & I were in the wedding me as a bridesmaid and Jake as the best man so that would be why I have zero pictures from the ceremony and their photographer is still working on his pictures. So everything I have is from the reception that followed, we had a delicious dinner and drinks, toasts from the best man and maid of honor, cake, lots of socializing and dancing to fun music. Although it was a stressful couple of days before the wedding everything came together like it most always does at weddings and everyone was happy especially the newlyweds, who were all that really mattered on that day.

Sammy devouring the left over wedding cake

Josh Hopkins having his fair share of wedding cake

Sammy & Josh Hopkins enjoying the left over wedding cake all to themselves

more fun dancing at the reception

Apparently they were just a little bit thirsty

Tea & Water...anyone need a drink?

Josh & Dani feeding each other their wedding cake

reception dance time

Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Nassar's first dance as a married couple

LOVE this picture of Jake & his Aunt Sally hugging each other after Jake had given his best man toast to the new couple, he always has a way to make the crowd cry!

Jake & his brother hugging after Jake's best man toast

Jake giving his best man toast

Such a great picture of Jake & his Aunt Sally at the reception :)

the newly married couple enjoying their dinner at the reception

Sandi (Jake's mom) and her best friend Cindy at the reception

Andrea and I at the reception...miss this girl so much!!

Greg & Josh Hopkins fixing their plates in the buffet line at the reception

Jeff Paxton having some punch

Greg, Josh Hopkins, & I fixing our plates in the buffet line at the reception

Jeff Paxton modeling for the camera

Stephen & Andrea Rogers at the reception

Dani's bridal bouquet

one of the bridesmaids bouquets

another picture of Dani's bridal bouquet

the wedding cake

the top half of the centerpieces that were on every guest table at the reception

the guest table centerpieces at the reception using white hydrangeas, gold ting ting, orange/pink rose petals and rose heads along with green and white roses

a cute arrangement outside by the guest sign in book with orange, green, and white roses with a little bit of gold ting ting

The candy bar with favor boxes with their initial on them for all the guests to take home a box of candy

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