Tuesday, May 10, 2011

update on medical stuff

So aside from having a full week of vacation being able to spend with Jake's family for the preperation and celebration of Josh (Jake's brother) & Dani's wedding this past weekend we had some more medical stuff going on with me that I thought I would update about. After a week full of hanging out with the family, getting everything ready for the wedding, we all were absolutely exhausted on sunday. But we started out Sunday with a nice family breakfast at the Hilton Hotel where the wedding took place and where alot of the guests were staying at. After having breakfast we finished cleaning and taking all our wedding supplies out of the ceremony/reception room and headed home to hang out and relax for the afternoon.

Soon after sitting down to relax with the family Jake & I noticed I was starting to have some staring spells (small epileptic seizures) and Jake thought it would be a good idea for me to lay down and rest for awhile since it was also taking me quite awhile to respond to any questions or remarks being geared towards me. So I remember him telling me I needed to lay down and rest for awhile and then telling me I was having some brain fogs a.k.a. small epileptic seizures but remember nothing beyond that. According to Jake he turned to look at me and my pupils had dilated huge and soon after I started to fall over when he caught me so that I didn't hit my head on anything. After that happened my eyes were rolling back in my head, my body was very tense and going through convulsions, when I also was biting my tongue very hard. Soon after someone who was there called the paramedics and I was soon loaded up in the ambulance and taken to Henderick Emergency Room where I was met by Jake, my parents, and Talmadge(my boss, who also just happens to be a neurosurgeon at that particular hospital.)

While at the hospital I was seen by the ER doctor, Dr. Higgins, my new neurologist Dr. Landfield, along with Dr. Talmadge Trammell. I was given an iv of a high dose of Keppra (my anti-seizure medication) and also given a few blood tests to verify that everything else involved was ok. Since my last seizure was just about a month ago everyone seems to be pretty concerned since I had a pretty bad one on sunday even though I was the anti-seizure medication so we are weaning me off of the Keppra that I am currently on and switching to something different called Lamictel which will hopefully work better. The reason this particular seizure on Sunday seemed so much worse to me was because I couldn't remember what day it was, that it was even a holiday at all, I was much much more out of it than I was last month when I had my other seizures, and also took alot longer and alot more effort to process and especially respond to comments, remarks, and questions made towards me. I don't remember anything from right before the seizure happened, when the paramedics came, when the seizure was going on, and not a whole after it all happened.

I went to my diabetes doctor today to make sure there was nothing going on with my blood sugar numbers or medicines that may have caused the seizure on sunday but he said all is good and that he feels good about the medication I am on for my blood sugar numbers. My doctor did take away another medicine that he added last week, glymeperide that was making my blood sugar too low like in the 50s. I am also on 4 pills of Folic Acid once a day from my neurologist. I am scheduled to see my neurologist the week after next on the 24th. For now I think I should be all set with medications unless something else happens, which I am hoping doesn't happen.

I do know that this is going to be a very low key week with no work except friday night, lots of resting, and now some of my family coming in town this weekend for my cousin rachel's graduation.

Later this week I promise to update the blog with a big wedding week post full of lots of pictures...

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