Friday, April 22, 2011

Latest Neurologist Update

So today my mom and Jake took me back to the neurologist in Brownwood since I cannot drive and we got ALOT of informative news from the doctor while we were there. I had to go back to the neurologist after they read my EEG report from last week since they found some abnormalties in it that needed to be discussed and treated. So today he really described what it was exactly that they found on my EEG I had done last week. According to the doctor I have a genetic form of Epilepsy that I was most likely born with and have had for all 24 years of my life and is just now being diagnosed because of some things that have happened. Basically what my form of Epilepsy is instead of having random seizures throughout the form of Epilepsy I have causes my brain to have seizure activity all the time. The seizure activity that I have starts at the center of my brain and goes all over my brain often causing brain fogging, confusion, processing problems, staring seizures, zoning out, issues processing and taking in information in academic situations such as school starting at a very young age. But this particular type of Epilepsy cause also cause real actual big seizures like most people think of with the unconsciousness, convulsions, jerking, body tensing up, and other physical evidences of a seizure which is why I have had several episodes like this throughout my life, the most recent one being just a few weeks ago while I was out of town in Beaumont.

Luckily this is a very manageable type of Epilepsy unless my body doesn't take well to the medications that can be prescribed to people who suffer from this type of Epilepsy. After talking with the doctor for quite some time today our first plan of treatment is going to be trying out taking a medicine called Keppra once a day for twelve days and then to have a blood test to check the levels of the medicine and then decide upon a dosage increase or change in medication depending on side affects and stuff. I am also going to have to have another EEG this time next month to see how well the medicine is working to decrease all the seizure activity that is going on in my brain. Another big thing that we talked about with the doctor is driving while trying to get this type of seizure disorder under control. The state law of Texas is for seizure patients is no driving for six months, but my neurologist said it just all depends on how the medicine works with my body and what my blood tests and other EEGs show about the seizure activity in my brain. So I could very likely be looking at not driving for six months but it is also very possible that it could only be three months without driving. Another big factor was being pregnant, being Epeleptic, and being on anti-seizure medication while pregnant and all the risks and decisions that come along with that. I was very happy to hear there are no real restrictions when it comes to this, except maybe some extra caution and monitoring, possible change of medication, maybe seeing a specialist who does Epilepsy and pregnancy, and just listening to my body and my doctors which I was SO HAPPY to hear!

So all in all it was a pretty good appointment full of alot of informative and answers that honestly make me really wonder about my last twenty four years of life and specific episodes that have happened to me when really all along this was the probelm and no one ever knew. Most people have absolutely no idea how much better it all makes me feel to know that all along there was a reason behind all the struggles I went through all my years in school and that it wasn't just me being stupid in school. Aside from all that I am making it my personal goal through this whole experience with this condition and diabetes to be as positive as I can possibly be, to find the blessing and lesson in all of this, and most importantly to really learn from this and adapt my life in the best way from this whole experience.

Hope this update is helpful and I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of their long Easter weekend!! I will update again hopefully with pictures this time at the end of this long weekend.

"For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

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