Tuesday, April 5, 2011

late update on March

So I didn't do terrible at updating on March but I definitely wasn't the best, but I do have a few good excuses. As anyone reading this can probably tell I have been rather preoccupied with lots of medical stuff involving my recent diagnosis of diabetes, but I'm hoping to be able to update all that more after this week. But good news is this post has alot of pictures in it, the order they are in is from most recent to older. Over spring break we spent alot of time with my family, my sister came in town to spend the week with us and we enjoyed a great week together as a family. Both Jake & I had to work quite a bit but still got to spend alot of time with my family while my sister was in town. During spring break week my mom, sister, and I did a little shopping, alot of preparation and test cooking for one of my cousin's bridal showers we are hosting. Also during the week my parents did alot of yard work mainly building their second outdoor patio. We all went and tried out our new self serve yogurt shop here in town, we actually went there twice during the week we spent together, once after dinner as a family and again one afternoon the girls and I met them there for some afternoon frozen yogurt and then went to play outside at mom and dad's house. Earlier during the first weekend in March Jake & I made plans to go out of town to San Antonio to celebrate our one year anniversary since we knew we wouldn't be able to get out of town on the actual date. I had bought us tickets to see our first broadway show together as a Christmas gift to him since he loves Wicked and has always wanted to see it. We started off our weekend by driving to San Marcos to do some shopping at the big outlet malls there, we got alot of cute stuff while we were there and just enjoyed being out together. After that we drove to San Antonio went out to get a quick bite to eat and then checked into our hotel that had an awesome whirlpool hot tub in the living room, which was amazing! On Saturday in San Antonio we did some more shopping at La Cantera in San Antonio, went out to lunch at Pei Wei (Jake's favorite), and then went and relaxed at our hotel before we had to get ready for the show that night. We meant to go out to dinner before the show but ended up having to drive around downtown San Antonio at least 30 minutes looking for some place to park. By the time we found a place to park and found a restaurant that wasn't completely packed it was almost time to go pick up our tickets and go to the show. So we decided we should just eat a little something at a sandwich/coffee shop across the street from the theatre and it turned out to be the BEST panini I have ever eaten in my life and then afterward we decided to get a better bite to eat after the show was over. We absolutely LOVED the show and cannot wait to get to see more broadway shows together in the future. We checked out of our hotel on Sunday and took the route home through Austin to eat lunch and enjoy a little time wandering around looking at the capitol area and taking lots of pictures, such a beautiful area!! After leaving Austin and stopping at our favorite TCBY we headed home for Abilene to pick up our precious puppy from the vet and went to hang out a little with my parents. Up next is update on this weekend....
the twins (a.k.a. Dad & Christopher) mom & Jenna working hard on building mom & dad's second outdoor patio on spring break
more hard working on the patio
dad the giant shoveling crushed granite
doesn't he look excited to be working so hard?
more shoveling
sweet Maggie & Claire swinging at mom & dad's house
baby Elizabeth swinging
she's so pretty
I thought this was such a cute picture of Claire
mom & Elizabeth
maggie swinging
Jake at the capitol, taking a picture with W
my picture with W
beautiful ceiling at the capitol, love all the detail the building has
outside picture of the capitol in Austin
after the show picture with the Wicked poster

our first broadway show together, Wicked in San Antonio at the Majestic Theatre downtown

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