Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Taking A Step Backwards....

So like I said in my last post about my appointment last week with my neurologist my MRI came back totally clean, looking perfectly normal. My EEG I couldn't exactly say the same thing for, first of all when I was at the neurologist last week he couldn't read the images or report because apparently you can't read EEG reports from a CD disk drive and the hospital had not sent my report to his office yet (as of last week.) So needless to say I was going to have to wait to hear the results from my EEG, he said he would only call me about the EEG results if there was a problem, in other words I would not hear from him if everything was completely normal. Well after getting a complete clean bill of health last week I had moved on with life, I had my driving priveleges given back, went back to work with all my sweet kiddos, and life was getting back to normal or at least that was the impression I got.

Until today around one o'clock I got a call from a 325 phone number which the Abilene area code, but I didn't recognize the phone number, but assumed it was some doctor's office calling since I had alot of doctors calling me lately. So as I answered the phone call I quickly realized who it was and why they were calling. It was in fact Dr. Boren's (the neurologist's office) calling to notify me that my EEG results came back abnormal and he found some seizure activity in my brain and needed to see me back in his office this week to discuss what is going on, treatment plans, risk factors, questions, etc... Well like most doctor's offices I could tell they didn't want me knowing alot over the phone and wanted to wait to tell me everything in person at my appointment so I proceeded to call my boss, whose husband is a very good neurosurgeon here in Abilene, whom I had seen initially to have all my tests ordered and get my referral to this neurosurgeon in Brownwood. So my boss/very good friend tells me that her husband who had read the EEG report and who had spoken to my neurologist proceeds to explain that they have detected that there is some type of Epilepsy activity going on in my brain and that all this may explain my past medical history of seizure episodes and that we needed to figure everything out so we can what all needs to be done.

So as of right now I am currently taking a step backwards from where I thought I was. My appointment with the neurologist is on Friday morning in Brownwood so we will find what exactly is going on and hopefully some more details of what all this means exactly and what our treatment plan is going to be. All of our moving to Houston plans have seriously been put on a strong hold because of everything going on since it is very possible that I will be put on anti seizure medication and have my driving priveleges taken away from at least six months. We are really really praying right now that we can see God's plan for us right now since it is very clear and obvious that he is closing alot of doors with the moving to Houston plan and instead giving us very clear reasons about staying here in Abilene and instead opening other doors here. But it still is just very hard to give up all control, have patience, and be at ease with everything going on right now. We know God has such a great plan for our lives, but are just trying to see what that plan is and receive His guidance, signs, and blessings instead of focusing on the negative. So we would really appreciate any and all prayers, thoughts, encouragement, and advice/suggestions anyone out there has to offer!

Promise to update when I know some more information!!

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