Thursday, April 7, 2011

update on doctor's appointments

So today I had my first appointment with the neurosurgeon to be evaluated so that I can be referred to a neurologist to figure out what is going on. Everything with the neurosurgeon went good, nothing abnormal that he saw or noticed but that the tests would show more and the neurologist would know more and talk about everything more in depth. So I am waiting on the hospital to call me and set up an appointment for my EEG test and my MRI test which will probably take place early next week. I am also waiting on the neurologist's office to call me about my appointment with them late next week, probably Thursday or Friday. In the mean time we are working on getting my pediatric records from my old pediatrician when I was little and the records from a pediatric neurologist that I was referred to when I was 3. In other news, I was scheduled for about a month to see my endochrinologist today, but they called me on monday to cancel my appointment. But long story short I ended up having to call my regular physician to have her jump through some hoops for me to get my appointment rescheduled as soon as possible seeing as how I am in an almost emergency situation so needless to say I am now at the very top of the list of appointments to be rescheduled next week, most likely on Wednesday. I also had an appointment earlier this week with the ENT doctor about the cellulitis/staph infection on my forehead and had a CT scan done on my face/sinus area. The doctor confirmed that it was not a deeper infection in the sinus cavity or anywhere else, but strictly a skin infection. The ENT doctor also wrote me an extension to take the antibiotics I am already on for my infection just for a longer period of time. The really strong, powerful antibiotics I am taking right now, 800 mg. Bactrum are what are making me feel the worst. They have been completely draining me altogether, weak, tired, big loss in appetite, and have just left me with absolutely NO ENERGY at all. I have been really tired at different times in my life and even sick and weak, but this antibiotics has left me feeling like I have never felt before, I cannot even explain the exhaustion. But I definitely counting down the days until I am off of these antibiotics. Once I get more updates from doctors about the situation right now I will update on here again!

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