Monday, April 18, 2011

doctor visits & results

Last week I had all my doctor appointments after my recent medical situation, Monday was the endochrinologist, Wednesday were my MRI & EEG tests at the hospital, & Thursday was my neurologist appointment in Brownwood. I already wrote about my diabetes update I got from the endochrinologist on Monday and I'm trying my hardest to get my blood sugar lower and hoping this new medicine is doing its job to help. But Wednesday I had to go to the hospital to have my MRI and EEG done, which was very interesting, also something I had never done before so I can now check that off my "Life to do list." Although Jake & I were there for about four hours everything went fine, I was a little worried about the MRI because of being a little bit weird about being in small, closed spaces, but I was fine since it was only of my brain I didn't have to go all the way into the MRI tube which was a relief. But the EEG was a totally different story, also had never done that, but was a very interesting experience. First of all it is quite a gross test to have done because they put all the paste type stuff all in your hair so that the wire things you have to be hooked up to and afterwards you REALLY want to wash your hair! But once you are all hooked up you basically just take a nap on a quite comfy memory foam bed while they flash all kinds of strobe lights in your face and stuff and then you wake up with a REALLY BAD headache or at least I did.

So on Thursday since Jake couldn't get off of work to take me to the neurologist in Brownwood my mom took me. The neurologist I was referred to by the family I work for was extremely laid back and nice and helped me make some sense of what has been happening to me. Although he was not able to read my EEG report because of some kind of disc error he looked at MRI images and said everything on my MRI came back completely normal and said there is absolutely nothing wrong with my brain at all. About the EEG report he was going to wait on the report from the hospital and call me if there was anything wrong there, but he suspected there will be nothing on that either. According to the neurologist the reason for my fainting/seizure spell a few weeks ago was probably a combination of a few different things that all seemed to run together. He said my body was probably more at risk for things like this to happen because there was a strong infection in it, alot stronger than I realized at the time which caused me to react to the antibiotic shot that was given to me. And when I got dizzy and fainted I most likely had a seizure because I fainted, which apparently can happen alot to some people, he said it is their body's reaction to fainting and losing consciousness for some period of time. But all in all everything is great now, no brain problems, I got cleared to drive, and got a perfectly clean bill of health and life can go on now! I cannot thank everyone enough for all of the sweet thoughts, messages, and prayers sent my way during all this medical stuff. I feel so very grateful to have so many people in my life that love me and have supported me through all this. There is no way I could have gone through all this without all the prayers, help, and support I have gotten from everyone!

Now that everything is good and over with life can go on and we are now back to trying to make a really big decision for our family and could use all the prayers for God's guidance. Although things are about to get really busy around here with lots of different family stuff going on in the next few weeks we could really use God's guidance in our lives right now!!!

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