Wednesday, April 6, 2011

my "exciting" weekend

So this past weekend my mom & I left on Thursday to head down to Beaumont for my cousin's bridal shower that we were hosting and let me just tell you in advance what a weekend it was!! So for starters late Thursday afternoon my mom & I left to make the long drive down to Houston to spend the night with my sister and Matt before we headed to Beaumont on Friday. All the way there I kept having this sneaky feeling that I couldn't shake that I had forgotten something rather important back in Abilene. So right as we pulled into the Chick Fil A parking lot to get out for dinner and a bathroom break Jake calls me to let me know that I had left my shower dress hanging on the door in our apartment. Yes that is right, the dress I had thought about and purchased an entire month ago, which meant I would be wearing that dress to another spring event and obviously not the shower. So TARGET here I come!! But anyways we finally got to my sister & Matt's house about 10ish that night and hung out and talked for awhile and then went to bed since Friday was going to be an early and long day.

Our Friday started out exciting, confusing, and quite dramatic to say the least, which now I realize that should have been a sign for what was to come for the rest of the weekend. Upon waking up around 8 Jenna's alarm on the house was beeping like it had low battery but it turns out there was really no way for the battery to be replaced, which also meant we couldn't open any of the house doors to go outside or leave for that matter. But guess who magically forgets that small little detal and decides to open the back door and let Bailey (their dog) outside, YES that would be my mom!!! And off goes the loud alarm and it keeps on going and we three girls know nothing about how to set it off since their alarm system on their house is not monitored in turn meaning there is no code to type in when it is armed, big problem right there. So after pressing many different buttons and combinations, calling the alarm company which by the way did us no good, somehow Jenna and my mom figured out how to completely unplug the entire alarm system that was hooked up in the attic which finally did the trick. So after all that drama we finally left the house and headed to Target so I could find a dress to buy for the shower on Saturday, my mom had to buy shoes to wear to the shower, and I'm pretty sure all of us bought wrapping paper and cards for our shower gifts. Once we finished at Target we were on our way to Beaumont, once we arrived we had lunch at Jason's Deli at Gateway and surprisingly ran into the Mason clan, then proceeded to run our shower errands to Sam's, HEB, & went to the church to unload all of our shower stuff. That afternoon and evening until late we arranged the church the way we wanted it for the shower, got tables set up, cooked food, did flower arrangements, and got everything ready for Saturday morning.

So early Saturday morning we got up early to do our hair and threw on some clothes and headed up to the church to start preparing the rest of the food and put all the finishing details on everything for the shower. Soon after getting everything set up and ready it was time for family and friends to start showing up to enjoy the shower. We had the shower at the church that I grew up in which is always weird to go back to. The bridal shower was set at 11 am so we did a yummy lunch menu of chicken salad with crisp little toasts, potato salad, bruschetta with little toasts, chick fil a chicken nuggets, chicken pasta salad, with fruit salad, chocolate covered strawberries, wedding cake cookies, & mini chocolate & strawberry cupcakes for dessert. It turned out really cute and everything looked so springy and fun! Hannah(the bride to be) got lots of good wedding fun stuff and seemed to enjoy the shower so I think all in all it was quite a success.

After the shower was when everything let loose, Friday night I discovered this bump on my forehead that was quite large, painful, and seemed to be infected. After we had gotten back to my Aunt Monica's house after working at the church I took a bath and soon after realized my face was starting to swell quite bad and had me somewhat worried. So I decided I should show my mom & Aunt Monica and see what they thought I should do. They seemed to be very concerned and thought I should ice it through the night so I did just that. The next day I woke up not feeling very well, which isn't that abnormal for me since I'm not a morning person, but also because I'm diabetic. But my face was still swollen and the bump was still there, red and large and in charge and extremely painful. So we all decided that I should go to the walk in clinic there in Beaumont to get some antibiotics or at least see what was going on. So I borrow my mom's car while they are finishing cleaning up at the shower and go to the walk in clinic to see what is going on. Once I finally see the doctor he tells me I have a cellulitis on my forehead that is infected and that he wants to give me an antibiotic shot and a prescription for some antibiotics to take for a week. He also tells me that the infection is serious mostly because it is so close to my brain and eyes and also because I am diabetic and things take alot longer to heal. So next the nurse comes into the exam room and proceeds to give me the antibiotic shot in my hip/butt area and because it is antibiotic shot it takes alot longer because of all the medicine that has to be pushed into my body. But right as she finishes giving me the shot and putting the band aid on I start to feel a little dizzy so I ask her for a cup of water. After telling her that she tells me to sit down in this chair and she would go get me a cup of water. And the last thing I remember is sitting there and things starting to spin and getting very dizzy and at that point no one was in the room with me. I think at least a half an hour later I woke up from having blacked out and apparently having a seizure. All I remember was being very confused and upset, I saw blood everyone because I had fallen and busted my chin open and cut my head and was extremely pale and weak. While sitting there with the doctors office staff, they take my blood sugar, are asking me questions, and then I black out and have another seizure. A little while later my aunt Monica and cousin Rachel show up and at this point I am very scared and soon to follow are the paramedics to take me to the emergency room at St. Elizabeth hospital.

Once I get to the hospital my mom, sister, cousin and fiance, aunt are there waiting for me. I needed stitches in my chin and some blood tests run to make sure everything was ok especially with my diabetes. Luckily everything turned out normal and I would proceed additional medical tests and help when I back home to Abilene. I got a different prescription for my infection on my forehead, which is a much much stronger one and is completely draining me of everything and making me so so exhausted and nauseous. After leaving the hospital all I wanted to do was talk to Jake since he was in Abilene and being so scared I just wanted to hear his voice and talk to him. After that we headed out to nana's house for a family birthday party and dinner, it was a fun time, but I was pretty out of it most of the time. We headed back to Jenna & Matt's house that night, went to get my prescription, and headed to their house. My mom & I left the next morning to drive back to Abilene which was a rough trip in the car with both my eyes being almost swollen shut and just feeling so beat up. But we finally made it back to Abilene which made me feel all the better. I'll update tomorrow on my current medical situation with all the doctors appointments and tests I have going on lately since this little occurance. And sorry this post is FOREVER long!!

the dessert table another angle of our precious cupcakes & wedding cake cookies
my sister iced the pink ones & I did the chocolate
the main food table
here we had: little toasts, potato salad, & chicken salad
beautiful orange & yellow arrangement nana made
hannah & monica
the gift table area with cute umbrella/fruit arrangement
the beverage area: peach lemonade, raspberry tea, & water with another umbrella arrangement
another table to display pictures of the bride & groom to be and a cute bud vase arrangement
my mom found this idea for an arrangement in a magazine and I thought it was so cute & so neat since you can do it so many different ways
sweet Adley Ann & Jenna
Adley Ann & Elijah
the bride to be & rachel (maid of honor) opening gifts
more gift opening
the whole hosting staff of the shower (from left to right): Jennifer, Beverly, Jenna, Hannah, Nana, Aunt Joyce, me, my mom, & Katha

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