Monday, March 14, 2011

update on being diabetic

So I won't say that things with being diabetic have gotten easier or better, but I am definitely learning as I go in the hopes that things will get easier! Since my last post about being diagnosed with diabetes I have been back to the doctor, been set up to go to a diabetic nutritionist class, and been set up to see an endochrinologist, along been taking a stronger dose of the metformin my doctor prescribed almost two weeks ago. I started out taking the metformin once a day and checking my blood sugar before I eat breakfast in the morning and before I go to bed at night, but was still getting really high numbers. So my doctor has me now taking the metformin twice a day and checking my blood sugar four times a day, before I eat breakfast, 2 hours after I eat breakfast, 2 hours after I eat lunch, and before I go to bed at night, and also journaling everything I eat and what my blood sugar numbers are. I got set up to go to a diabetic nutritionist class on thursday from 8-4 and thankfully Jake was able to trade shifts with someone so he is able to come with my as my "guest." I'm so glad he is coming with me to this class, one because I think it will be very informative for both of us since he is trying really hard to be healthier and lose weight and also since it is so long I didn't want to go by myself, and I'm just so glad to have him there by my side for things like this!

I don't all that much about this diabetic nutrition class quite yet except that it is rather long, I will be set up with a personalized meal plan that I need to stick to, along with blood sugar goals, get a individual appointment with a nutritionist, will have a foot exam, and that they will feed us lunch since it is so long. As of right now I have SO MANY questions and really still don't understand alot about this disease and my particular situation so I know this class will probably help me out so much. I also found out last week at the doctor that I am for sure type 2 diabetic, which isn't good neither bad. Another thing my doctor did labs on me for was to find out if my pancreas is working like a type one diabetic or normal and we found out that my pancreas does produce insulin normally, but that my body has something called insulin resistance, which is why I was feeling the diabetic symptoms. In other words, my pancreas makes and produces the insulin like any other person, but my body and organs don't receive it and use it like they should which is why I am diabetic and why my numbers are so out of whack. So it was good to know that my pancreas is working normally, that makes me feel alot better for some reason.

The worst news of the week is probably knowing that I'm not going to be able to have very much fruit at all, which is something I survive on, I love fruit so much, so that was some pretty depressing news. But I'm hoping if I start to get my blood sugar numbers lowered maybe I can allow myself at least one piece of fruit a day as long as my numbers are much lower than they are now. The weird part is that I could deal without sugar, desserts, cookies, pies, cakes, and all that kinda sweet dessert stuff, but if you allowed me fruit that would be enough for me so we will see what happens. Obviously my health is most important, even more than my love for fruit haha, so right now I'm trying to really focus on getting control over these numbers and really take control of my health like I have never done before.

The best part out of all this bad medical news lately is probably seeing how much all my family and friends care and how much they are concerned for me. I cannot explain how many messages on facebook, text messages, and phone calls I have gotten over the last two weeks about how sorry everyone is, how many people are praying for, and all the support I have out there for me. It definitely puts things in life in their perspective for me to know what is the most important and really just how super important your health is and how much we all take our health for granted. I certainly hope we can all use this situation upon us to an advantage and all really take control over our health and live longer healthier lives. I'll write more this week about updates with doctors and such. But in non-diabetic news I am really looking forward to this week, it is spring break for everyone in abilene and my sister is coming in town to visit for the week since she has the same spring break as we do and I am really looking forward to spending some fun time with her and my mom this week. I absolutely LOVE times like this, they are just the greatest! Anyways I hope everyone has an awesome spring break week!!

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