Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Reception Part I

So blogger has been being really stupid while I have been trying to do this post, making me mad, but these are the only pictures that it is letting me put up, so for now it will have to do, hope you enjoy these pictures at least.

Anyways our reception was exactly how I wanted and dreamt it would be, just wished it were longer, but we were all so tired. When the wedding ceremony was over we took the rest of the family pictures that we didn't get to do before the ceremony, which mainly consisted of my abnormally large family haha, but our amazing photographer made it all work. After pictures were over Jake & I started to mingle with all our guests that came to celebrate with us, while the men broke everything down to get set up for the reception, like moving tables, chairs, centerpieces, and stuff. Once they got all that figured out & moved where it was supposed to be everyone began to serve themselves at the delicious buffet, provided by Celebrations Catering in Abilene, Texas.

So below is just a few of the family wedding pictures that I could get to load, the rest will be in the next post along with much much more about the reception. Sorry for the problems blogger was causing for me today, oh well! Reception Part II coming up next with LOTS more pictures :)

Jake's mom side of the family: (left) aunt sally, sandi (jake's mom), me & jake, nanny (jake's g-ma), & josh (jake's brother).

Jake's mom, me & jake, & jake's brother

My brother, Christopher, mom & dad, me & jake, my sister Jenna & brother in law, Matt

ALL of my mom's side of the family...too many people to name sorry :(

most of my dad's side of the family, some people that weren't able to make it to the wedding!
(left)uncle luther, cousin cara, aunt barbara, cousin robbie, brother christopher, dad, me & jake, sister& brother in law, jenna & matt, aunt vickie & uncle skipper, uncle cecil, & little cousins Carol Anne & Patrick

my sweet little girls: Maggie, Claire, & Elizabeth with Jake & I

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