Friday, April 2, 2010

My Beaumont Bridal Shower

I am back to my regular blogging life now that all the craziness of wedding season is over for me. And I'm going to start from where I left off, which leaves us at the beginning of March for the weekend of my bridal shower in Beaumont with all my family & close friends down there. It was such a great shower, my family really knows how to put on a good party, for whatever the reason may be. We had my shower at my aunt Monica's house, it turned out so wonderful, the food was absolutely fabulous, my nana did all the flowers & were SO gorgeous, really just about everything was perfect! I got some great stuff to start the new married life off with, thank you everyone who pitched in & especially for all the great gifts we received from everyone, we love ya'll! Here are a couple of pictures to enjoy from the shower...John Mayer is next :)

The Bride in front of the great food table
All the girl cousins, love them so much, also some of my best friends in the world

Nana did such an amazing job with all the flowers at the Beaumont shower & the food table looked excellent.

sweet little cousins Amelia Jane & Elise

All of our awesome gifts we received at this shower, thank you EVERYONE!

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