Friday, April 9, 2010

favorite wedding pictures

So I'm anyone reading this is getting tired of all the wedding picture posts, but I LOVE all the pictures so much and I'm just trying to get it all done & documented so one day when I still have this blog, I can look back at these posts. But the pictures on this post are really some of my top favorites, they are some of the more artistic ones with cool angles and such and I love them. I'm so so glad I got absolutely what I was really looking for in the area of wedding photography, Hannah did such an amazing job, I know for a fact I could not have asked for a better photographer, the memories we have in all our pictures are so special! I cannot wait to get the pictures printed that we want to frame & especially can't wait to get our coffee table album & gallery wrap that Hannah is doing for us, I think they are going to be so awesome!

So anyways...hope you enjoy looking at some of my favorite wedding pictures, let me know which ones you like the best out of all the ones I have posted so far. Have a great weekend everyone!

white rose arrangement
such a sweet, sweet picture, Amelia dancing on my brother's feet, I love it :
Below: Jake's grooms cake made by the talented mom & aunt beth, I absolutely love the way it looked, it was EXACTLY what we wanted!

above: my brides cake, so so pretty, very simple, by I loved it...not to mention it was ABSOLUTELY delicious, the best italian creme cake I have tasted yet, thanks Beth!
Below: cool angle of one of the centerpieces, loved how they turned out...thanks to Nana
the centerpieces were lots of belles of ireland in tall square vases with all different color rose petals in the water.

Claire Louise & I, sweetest girl :)

Daddy & I as we walked down the aisle

My groom & I with our wedding party behind us, love the way this picture turned out
such a different take on wedding party pictures :)

Flower girl, Claire Trammell

what I consider a breathtakingly beautiful picture, sweet Claire & Elizabeth

LOVE LOVE this one too, I think all the different expressions on everyone's faces is so cool

such a cute girl picture, gotta love the shoes ladies!

one of my favorite angles in wedding photography, I think its precious how you see the lower half of all the older girls & all of amelia and her sweet smile

one of my top favorites of all the thousands of wedding pictures Hannah took

I know I already shared this one, but I just love it, think its so so cool

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