Friday, April 23, 2010

one month anniversary & pneumonia

A few days ago, we had officially been married for a month, which I know to most of you people out there who have been married for a few years to thirty years seems so weird, celebrating your one month anniversary. But I love the sound of being married for one month and three days to the man of my dreams and my best friend in the world & I cannot wait for one month to turn into two years into ten years and into forever. March 20, 2010 was so far in my books my dream day, it was the greatest, most amazing day EVER! Sometimes I catch myself just going back to that day in my head and I love it, I absolutely LOVE thinking about it & I know that will never change.

But in other news...this past sunday Jake got unexpectedly very sick & we ended up having to go to the walk in clinic since my doctor wasn't open on sunday. I thought he was just coming down with some kind of flu or virus thing, needless to say it was so much worse than I thought. He ended up coming down with pneumonia, very high fever like 103-104, the doctor said there was crackling in his lungs, & they had to put him on a very strong antibiotic, and give him a steroid shot. He was in really bad shape until about tuesday night, we had alot of trouble getting his fever down and gone, but finally got it to go away by tuesday night. The was definitely the sickest I have ever seen Jake, but I think I took really good care of him, of course you would have to ask him about it haha. It did suck quite a bit because I had to work alot this past few weeks, I never knew how busy being a nanny to the most precious girls could keep me this busy, but I love that its always a good busy.

We have alot going on in the next couple weeks, but I'm pretty excited about all of it! Next weekend we are leaving to go down to Houston for a couple days to stay with my sister & brother in law and go to one of my cousin's weddings in Beaumont. I always love going to stay with my sister in Houston, I love Houston, just always so much fun stuff to do, mainly the shopping that gets me so excited! Also within the next couple weeks my cousin Alexandrah will be having her baby at some point, she is due May 25th, so babies are always exciting! I have alot of stuff going on with the girls in May, lots of end of the year stuff, ballet recitals, school programs, beginning of summer parties, etc... I'm so excited for summer to get here, it is going to be an awesome one! Also next week we are getting our new dining room table and chairs and our new chest, which I'm very excited about it, I'll post pictures when we get it all situated in the apartment. Also excited about ordering and getting all our wedding pictures in, especially our wedding book from our photographer, I can't wait to see everything all put together!

Anyways there will be more later...lots of fun stuff going on in the next couple weeks. Hope everyone has a great weekend :)

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