Friday, May 7, 2010

May is here!!!

I cannot believe that already in nearly the second week of May, which to me translates into SUMMER IS HERE (almost at least). I LIVE for summer, love everything about it, the hot weather, getting tan, swimming with my sweet girls, vacation time, and our first summer as a newlywed couple, and much more fun times. We have been crazy busy with work and stuff going on here. The little girls are growing like crazy, Elizabeth is now crawling all over the place, literally, Maggie & Claire have lots of fun summer stuff coming up, Maggie is getting ready for her end of the year ballet recital and they both have their end of the year school program coming up, I cannot wait to see them in action in everything! I think besides the month of December that May might be the busiest month out of the year, it really is about to get so crazy.

The last few weeks since I last updated besides both of working constantly we have been out of town in Houston for a long weekend to be with my family down there to help celebrate my cousin's wedding. Jake took off work for a long weekend and we were able to leave town late last Thursday afternoon then came home on early sunday evening. Since we got down to Houston kinda late on Thursday all we really did was get some dinner at Johnny Carrino's and then went over to sister and brother in law's house and just hung out and talked while we waited for my mom to get there. On Friday my mom went to work on the wedding cakes for my cousins wedding on saturday night, while my sister & brother in law both worked Friday Jake & I went shopping all day and got a few good bites to eat while I showed him around some of the Houston areas. Both Jake & I got some pretty good pieces of clothing while we were down there, I got a few new shirts, a new black headband, and a really cute new necklace, Jake got a new pair of black dress pants, and two new polo shirts. Then Friday night we went out to dinner at Chuy's with my sister & brother in law, Jake had never been to Chuy's and he absolutely loved it, it is always a treat when I go out of town to get to eat at Chuy's. Later Friday night my brother and dad got into Houston and we all just had good family fun staying up and talking. Then Saturday we all got up and had donuts and while my dad and brother went into Beaumont and had lunch with some of my dad's old police officer friends we went with my sister & brother in law to run a few errands and went out to lunch at Willie's IceHouse that was really good. After running errands we went back to the house to all get ready and dressed for the wedding since we had a two hour drive to Beaumont for the wedding and reception.

The wedding was great the ceremony was in my old church in Beaumont that I grew up in which was literally like going in a time machine, made me feel like I was about eight years old again haha. The reception was at the Elegante Hotel and it was all very nice, the food was delicious, and we had SO SO much fun hanging out with all my family there at the wedding. Of course I have to say there is nothing will ever compare to our own wedding, with anything and everything involved. But it is always lovely to see other couples, especially family members tie the knot, I do ABSOLUTELY LOVE weddings more than anything!

The next thing coming up is my cousin Alexandrah will be having her baby very soon, her due date is May 25th, but the doctor says it could be within the next week or two, so I can't wait to be there for that event. Adley Ann is going to be one very very loved and adored baby and I cannot wait for her to be part of our amazing family.

In other family news for whoever might be reading this I would ask you keep my brother in law, Josh in your prayers, he got really sick Wednesday night and ended up having to have extensive stomach surgery on his intestines & had to have his appendix removed. He has a medical history of intestinal problems since he was a baby and evidently had a flare up, ended up having to have a bowel obstruction done. They found lots of adhesions on his large and small intestines and on his liver so recovery for him is going to be a pretty long road so please keep him and the family in your prayers.

Anyways this post has been way longer than I ever thought it would be, but I will be back to update sometime this week. Have a great weekend :)

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