Monday, April 12, 2010

Life as Newlyweds :)

Our lives together as newlyweds has been SO much fun, much more & different than I ever expected, but in a very good way! Alot of our time has been spent trying to get our first, little apartment put together, finding a place for ALL of our crap, which might I add is ALOT of stuff. It feels so great to be able to use all of our new wedding gifts, not to mention all our new furniture that looks so awesome. We both have learned and continue to learn so much about being married & even more about each other, which I totally thought wasn't possible.

We really are having so much being married, I'm still in the phase of remembering that I'm actually married to my best friend and it makes me so happy & excited when I think about it! We are really enjoying this non-crazy time right now, work is great for both of us, we are both just looking forward to summer. But we are starting to plan our first vacation (besides our honeymoon) to Boston, MA this October for my birthday celebration to visit Jake's Aunt Sally & we are so excited thinking about it. We are thinking we are going to stay about 5 days, neither of us have ever been to Boston, so it's so fun thinking about going up there!

So here are some things that have changed in our relationships since being married: dynamics, between our two families now
2. strangely enough our relationship has changed for the better, I never thought there was any way we could be closer than we were when we were engaged, but surprise, surprise I have never felt this close to anyone, being married is such a cool & amazing feeling.
3. the fact that I cook dinner most everynight, which I NEVER did before, Jake being the amazing cook he is hardly cooks since he works quite a bit more than me. I have been so proud of myself for tackling this goal & not turning it into a disaster. Apparently I have done pretty good at cooking, from what Jake says about my meals I have made for him.

My favorite thing to do since being married is to think our future together and all the awesome things that could happen & the many adventures we are going to go on together. I absolutely love to think about what our future could and will look like one day. I just love love being married to my best friend & could never imagine it any other way!

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  1. Congratulations! I loved seeing the pictures from you.

    Thank you for taking the time to calm my fears about Topamax. Abby is handling it beautifully now.