Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I DO!!!!

Ok so here is how I decided to blog about wedding day, there are so many pictures that I just LOVE and wanted to share so bad and so much I wanted to say about the whole day and experience. So I decided to divide up the long day into different posts, part I is The Ceremony, so here are a few pictures from the ceremony, yes of course there are tons & tons more, but you know I can't post all 500 of the ceremony ones :)

So of course like I do everytime the pictures are in reverse, so the picture below is the the last one of the ceremony, of us leaving to "Do you believe in magic." First thing I must say about the ceremony is that it is EVERYTHING I absolutely dreamed of everytime my little wedding planner mind thought about it, which I just love! Now remembering back to wedding day the only thing that went wrong was totally and completely out of my control, which was the weather. Yes of course it was sunny and blue skies the entire week of the wedding, until friday night when a cold front blew in from the north, with of course infamous abilene winds and hard rain storm, which for saturday morning meant sleet, ice, and snow flurries, and barely 32 degrees, can we say FREEZING!!? Yes we all woke up to go to my lingerie shower at Sara's house in our cute spring dresses, seeing as how it was the official first day of spring, but God definitely had different plans for the weather. Oh well, if the weather was the only thing that went not as I had planned, I feel like a blessed bride. I was thanking God for all the wedding party being there, all the food, beverages, decorations, flowers, dresses, and everything else about the wedding going completely as planned with nothing wrong at all.

If I were to remember just a few things from our wedding ceremony to write down and always remember those few things would probably be:

1. being able to have my dream wedding
2. being completely stress free, so calm that people were worried I was too calm
3. not wanting it to end because I enjoyed this day so much & had dreamed of it for so long
4. how special it was to have ALL my family & closest friends there celebrating with us
5. how special it was to have my dad marry us, something I will always hold so close to my heart

Like I said there are so many more pictures, but here are just a few at the main parts of the wedding ceremony, ENJOY! Next post will be Reception part I, look for it very soon!

I now pronounce Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Alexander Nassar

Waiting as my daddy is about to hand me off to Jake
My gorgeous bridesmaids & I before the ceremony taking some glamorous shots

The boys down in the basement

My groom & I taking some pictures at our "first sight"

I'll NEVER forget this moment as long as I live, the look on his face when we first saw each other

Here I am Jake :) Absolutely LOVE this picture, think its so cool what Hannah & her talented photography skills were able to do!

The groom putting on his cuff links, getting ready for our "first sight"

The bride putting on her jewelry getting all ready for our "first sight"

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