Monday, June 15, 2009

there is finally a date

mark it on the calendar MARCH 20TH 2010, wedding day!!! Yes there is finally a set date, its a saturday, the big event will be held in downtown Abilene at the Elks Art Center and we are so excited about all of it! So far we are well on our way with all the wedding planning stuff,we have our invitations, save the date cards, have our colors picked, have our wedding party picked, obviously the location and date picked out, and are busy looking at caterers and I will hopefully going dress shopping in Houston with my mom and sister next month, which is just so so exciting to me! But being engaged and planning this wedding is really the most fun process I have gone through in a long time, I love the wedding planning and honestly don't ever get tired of it, which doesn't really surprise me at all haha! By far the most exciting part of this all is thinking about the future, we are really so excited for married life and everything that goes along with it! Another really great part of being engaged and wedding planning is that my best friend of about eight years just got engaged not too long ago and so its really fun planning, sharing, and talking about everything together! Lindy and mitch are actually going to be getting married two months before Jake & I, so needless to say once fall/winter come we will be two very busy people, but its going to be so so exciting, hopefully being in each others weddings!
But besides all the wedding stuff, Jake & I are just trying to enjoy our summer, it has been pretty good so far, nothing big, just working, laying out a little bit, not nearly as often as I would like, but really just hanging out. I have really been enjoying all the fun things I have been doing with Maggie & Claire and it's so great to call that my job, can't wait for baby #3 to get here! I did go down to Beaumont to help my grandparents, aunts, & cousins all move in their house after all the repairs and remodels are finished, the house was being fixed after damage from Hurricane Ike hit last year. But the house looks absolutely fantastic and it was so good to see all of my family and be down there, I love it down there! And the only other plans we have for the rest of the summer is doing something for the 4th of July hopefully, going dress shopping next month with my mom and sister, and I'll hopefully be going to visit Lindy down in Austin in july or august.
Oh also wanted to say thank you so much to my sister for her special post on her blog, it really meant so much to me, actually made me cry when I read it and looked at the pictures on it! You are so sweet and i'm so excited about doing all this wedding stuff with you, i love you so much! If you want to see her special post, you can see it at her blog,
But I guess thats about it for now, i'll be better about updating this thing, sorry about that! More wedding updates to come. Have a great day :)

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