Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So since the last time I posted so much has happened, but at the same time it hasn't been all that exciting, just same ole' same ole'. But the main exciting things that have been going are:

1. finding THE wedding dress

2. Jake getting an awesome new job

3. and completely changing the wedding plans (for the good)

With the whole dress thing I did get the chance to get to stay with mom at a very nice hotel while she was at a week long conference for school in dallas, texas. I got to lay by the pool and have room service delivered. The most exciting part of the trip was getting to go wedding dress shopping at night when she was done with school, I loved doing that! But after trying on a total of like 40-50 wedding dress I finally found the ONE!!! And yes it does feel as great as everyone always says it does when you finally find your dress! I have not ordered it yet, we are actually leaving tomorrow to head down to waco on our way to houston to get fitted and order the dress at the same place my sister got her wedding dress at because we found it for a great price there! I can't wait to try it on again!

But another big thing that has happened since you last heard from me on here is that Jake got an awesome new job working as one of the lead sales consultants at Sprint. It is such a good job for him to have right with us getting married in almost 7 months. It comes with great benefits, like all the insurance and the greatest part to me is we both will have free phone plans, so as long as he is working there we won't have a single cell phone bill to pay. He leaves this coming monday for a 2 week training period in Lubbock, unfortunately not the greatest place on earth, but oh well! When he comes back from his 2 week training he will go straight to working at his new job! I'm so proud of him!! :)

And now for all the wedding planning updates, since finding the wedding dress, that completely changed everything obviously for the better, but i'm so glad it happened the way it has! So now that I have found the dress the wedding plans, theme of the wedding, and all the decorations are much more modern than they were before the dress was found! For instance, I have kinda narrowed it down to two different kinds of flowers for my bouquet and the bridesmaids bouquet, all depending on how each flower holds up. And for all the centerpieces on all the tables at the reception I have narrowed it down to using belles of ireland with another flower for the tall arrangements. Then for the smaller ones on the tables using reindeer moss in vases with a flower on top of it. I have seen this done and it is a really cool, modern look that you don't usually see alot of. Another thing that has changed because of finding the dress is the wedding cake, the one I found after having all these changes since the dress, is absolutely beautiful. My mom is actually going to do a test one since she will be the one doing the cakes! More research is still going on and there are still plenty of decisions to be made. If you have seen any cute, creative ideas for save the dates let me know since we are also changing those, we are trying to figure what we are going to do for that!

Anyways thats probably it for now, hopefully I'll be better about posting more frequently. :)

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