Wednesday, July 22, 2009

its been awhile...

So I have decided I needed to better motivate myself to update this blog since I enjoy writing so much and reading others blogs, haha even though i'm not sure if anyone even reads this thing! Oh well I don't do it for other people, although I love to hear from everyone else out there!

Anyways the last few weeks have been pretty eventful for me, I enjoyed going down to celebrate with all my family in Beaumont/Houston for my nana's big 70th Birthday bash. We were able to go down a couple days before to stay and hang out with my sister and brother in law down in Houston so that was fun. My mom, sister, & I went bridesmaid dress shopping in Houston and got to try on my beloved wedding dress for my sister who had not seen it yet, which was really fun! We were also in charge of distracting nana on the day of her surprise bday party, and went to do more bridesmaid dress shopping but in Beaumont this time, still didn't find anything promising. But got to try on my wedding once again, but this time for my nana and thankfully she loved it! Then we came back to Abilene to bring my cousin, Alexandrah to her first year at Kadesh Life Camp at ACU. My sister actually ended up coming up to see us in Abilene this past week to help us with some graphics stuff on the computer for our save the dates cards and thank goodness she did! Actually with her coming up last week we got so much done, finished the CUTEST save the date cards ever, found & purchased THE bridesmaids dresses, worked on some music stuff, and really just had some really fun mom/sister time together! I'm so glad she got to come, thanks so much for spending a week up here helping me with wedding stuff Jenna, love you so much!

Other than that, Jake has been in Lubbock for almost two weeks and home for the weekend, but starts his fabulous new job this coming monday! I have missed him so much this week and last, neither one of us are used to being away from each other, so needless to say we will both be so excited when he comes home on Friday! While he has been gone I have been spending alot of time with my parents, working, and after much delay have started my beauty & health regime to fit into the dress in march haha! So far all I am doing to help myself along this healthy path is cut out all unhealthy sweets, (a.k.a. blue bell ice cream) cutting starches at dinner to a very small amount, trying my hardest to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day, eating as much fruit & veggies as I can, and have been walking nightly with my mom! Let me know of any advice towards this process any of you have out there, trust me I could use anything I can get, especially since I am about to get on birth control and have heard alot out there about significant weight gain while on the pill, which is really kinda starting to freak me out, but we'll see what it does to my body!

Now that summer is coming down to a fast end, not much else is going on with me, besides my little Claire is turning 2 in a few weeks, still awaiting on baby girl trammell #3 to come, and probably a few other wedding things to do before school starts for everyone but me here in a few weeks (haha). My mom and I will be going down to Houston for the last time of the summer for one of my cousin's baby showers, she is having twins (boy & girl) in later fall, and can't wait to see all of my family on my dad's side since we hardly ever get to see them!

Well this post has been long enough for now, hope to see you before too long! :)

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  1. I had a blast last week workinig on all the wedding stuff! I'm kinda sad this is the last one we will get to do! I love you so much!