Monday, August 10, 2009

catching up on life

Yeah well once again its been awhile, and I know I need to get better at blogging on here more often or I guess its pretty pointless, so I'll try! But while I was away this sweet little Claire turned 2 years old...I cannot believe it!!! When I first started working for the Trammells in the fall of 2007, Claire was about 4 weeks old when I started keeping her, this picture below was taken around January of 2008. Needless to say I cannot believe how fast she has grown, it really is amazing. I feel so lucky to be a part of both her & Maggie's lives on a daily basis and am so excited to add another little baby girl to the mix!

The weekend after Claire's birthday my mom & I were able to go down to Houston one last time before school starts and everyone gets back into the rountine of everything. We left around lunch time on Friday after picking some really cute baby gifts for my cousin who is having twins in October, her baby shower was on Saturday afternoon. I just love buying baby gifts, I cannot wait to buy for the next little baby cousin (a.k.a tiny little daisy) and will be so excited when I finally get to buy for a future niece or nephew (jenna & matt?) haha, no rush I just LOVE babies! I loved what we ended up getting for the twin babies and can't wait to see what they look like! My mom, sister, and I had alot while we were down in Houston we got to eat breakfast with some other cousins, its always a treat to see little Ben, I'm pretty sure he could not be cuter if he tried! We also got to do a little bit of shopping mainly trying to look for some shoes for the wedding for me and for the bridesmaids. And I'm pretty sure I found THE SHOE I just have not found it at the price I want yet haha, they were so glamorous and beautiful not to mention comfortable, but lets just wait and see if they come down any from $80! I also loved getting to go to Escalante's Mexican restaurant in Houston, so so yummy! Then we got up early Sunday morning, went to church with my sister and brother in law at First Colony, then hit the road back to Abilene!

The last exciting thing I have to share about is Jake's BIG purchase this past weekend while I was gone in Houston! We have been talking about starting to buy furniture and other big essentials for our first home, which we have decided he is probably going to move into hopefully sometime in October. But the first BIG exciting thing for our house after we get married is the 42" LG Plasma HD tv, which we both LOVE! It kind of does add another thing to put on the buying list but I think its probably most definitely worth it, we will just have to buy something to put the tv on once we get into our own place, but I'm pretty sure we can handle that!

There is not alot of news on the wedding front, just kinda waiting around for time to pass, we will be sending out save the date cards sometime in September, be ready for those, they are SUPER CUTE, we love them so much haha! Right now we are working on getting everyones updated addresses and starting to get together all our pictures for the slide show so we won't be doing that last minute. But thats about it right now as far the wedding plans go...

And I'm still awaiting little baby Elizabeth Trammell to arrive, hopefully sometime this week or next, thats my prediction anyway! Maggie is so excited it is really all she has been talking about this last week or so, I myself cannot wait either another sweet baby girl to hold and love and add to the joy of my job! I will tell you this she is definitely going to have plenty of attention, but a little attention would never hurt anyone haha! Well thats it for now maybe next time I'll have so more exciting news...:)

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