Wednesday, August 19, 2009

life lately

There is nothing lately too terribly exciting to tell, no recent pictures or anything. We did have a really great weekend, we had my aunt monica, cousins hannah & rachel in town. Rachel was here moving into her new house for her junior year at ACU and we were all helping her get moved in and decorate her room, it all turned out ADORABLE! But it was so good to have some family in town for a few days, we had a great time talking about all our wedding plans, all the girls even tried on their bridesmaids dresses and loved it, despite some negative self image problems to say the least. But like I said the wedding is not until March 20 so everyone has plenty of time to look the way they want to, haha including me, which is a really good I have 7 months till the BIG day because I have ALOT of work to do till then!

Also this weekend my best friend, Lindy, who is also our florist for the wedding came to town this weekend and was able to come talk to us about our flowers, arrangements, reception table centerpieces, boutinners, and everything else. We are so happy she is getting to do our flowers for the big day, we have no doubt at all that she will do a FABULOUS job, and it will be great business for her career as a florist. It's just all so exciting when we get together because she is getting married in January 3rd and we are in March, we are just getting so pumped about moving & decorating our new places, all our showers, parties, and everything involved in wedding process! I just cannot explain how much I LOVE doing this, I have never had so much fun doing anything haha :)

But on another front, there is still no baby Elizabeth, she really has decided to take forever getting here. I think she will make her arrival this week or weekend at least thats what I am hoping for, I am so excited to meet her and I know her two sweet sisters can't wait! I am so excited for this fall to spend most everyday with that sweet little baby. Another exciting thing happening, Jake & I are about to start looking for a place to rent for him to move into in late September or October, then I will move in March. I'm so excited to find us our first place and decorate it, we both CANNOT wait! So hopefully we will be able to find something we love :)

But for now thats really about it, you should hear from me soon, until then enjoy your Wednesday!!

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