Monday, November 16, 2009

oh how LONG it has been!!

So what else can I say but its been too long, but that I promise I have a good excuse for not keeping up with this blog as if anyone reads this, but oddly enough I thoroughly enjoy writing about our lives on this blog. The last time you heard from me was probably just about a month ago, and actually so much has happened, we have been so crazy busy with just life in general plus a few other things. Lately we have gotten so much done with the wedding and it actually feels like that "March 20, 2010" day is not so far off in the distance as it has felt in the past six months or so. Yes, we still do have ALOT to get done but it is coming along slowly but surely, and I really can honestly say that I have never enjoyed anything more in my entire life, aside from Jake & my blessed job, it really is a TRUE love of mine! I have felt in last few months that I have finally found through so much searching what I truly want to pursue as my career, being a professional wedding & event planner. And most likely after Christmas is over I am going to start my online school to get my certification as a professional wedding & event planner and be a part of the National Bridal Cosultants. Needless to say it feels very good to know what it is I want to do when I am not taking care of my sweet babies, which I still love & adore more than my life sometimes.

But here are some of the things that we have been up to in the last month:

-Jake trading in his Explorer for a 2008 Chrysler Aspen, which WE LOVE
-Celebrating my 23rd birthday last month (can't believe how old i'm getting)
-Painting our bathroom in the new house
-Purchasing a new couch for the new place
-Took our amazing engagement pictures that I LOVE
-Going to DFW to do some shopping & relaxing
-Picking out tuxedos for Jake & his groomsmen
-Going to Lindy & Mitch's sweet wedding shower
-and working, working, & more working....

Other than all that fun stuff we have just been trying to make it to Thanksgiving. It has been really weird for the both of us to think about how this Thanksgiving & Christmas is our true last holidays with just us with our families. It really is such a strange feeling to think about how forever as long as we are alive our holidays will never be what they have been for the last 23 years. It is an exciting feeling, but also a sad one in many way...I guess it's just bittersweet. We are getting ready to embark on such a journey that will change every aspect of our lives that I know all the new traditions in holidays will be so much fun, I guess it's just such a surreal feeling! But this year for Thanksgiving I will be leaving early next Wednesday morning before Thanksgiving Day to go to Houston to be with my family, which I am completely beyond excited about! I will be spending probably 3 or 4 days down in Houston, and I'm definitely hoping for some good girl shopping trips with all the ladies in my family. When I return I will go for my first wedding dress fitting that next weekend in Waco with my mom and I'm hoping my sister will get to meet me up there, but not crossing my fingers! Jake is staying here in Abilene with his family because working a retail job as a full time sales representative on black friday isn't the best medicine for making 6 hour road trips for the holidays. He is getting ready to start working some insane holiday hours starting the day after Thanksgiving of course, but is still selling in the top spots in all Sprint stores in this district, which is so amazing to me, YAY JAKE!!!

But here are a few pictures of our new vehicle that we adore, hope you enjoy! Sorry I didn't have any other interesting pictures from all the time that I have been gone. I promise for more pictures next time. I promise it won't be an entire month till you hear from me.

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