Wednesday, October 14, 2009

our weekend away & whatever else...

Last weekend Jake & I went away for the weekend with my family at the ranch in Harper, Texas. It was a great weekend mainly just full of relaxing, eating yummy food, watching good football, enjoying family time, and everything the ranch has to offer. It happened to be Jake's first trip to the ranch and first to shoot at clay pigeons, it was really fun to see him do that. But all in all it was quite a good weekend since all day before we left Friday we had been working so hard trying to get all the big stuff moved into our new apartment that Jake just moved into. We got back just in time on Sunday afternoon to get lots of work done at the new apartment, I am having so much fun arranging and starting to decorate the new place.

In other news, we both have been working SO much lately, which is great for the wallet, but have just been so tired and overworked, more Jake than me since his job is much much more stressful than mine. But we are having alot of fun right now putting our new place together, luckily we have most of all the stuff we need, except a few pieces of furniture. We still need a couch, nightstand, dresser, maybe a a couple chairs, and possibly a coffee table, but we have a good while to shop and buy the stuff we still need. We have been very fortunate to have been given stuff and to find such good deals on the things we have bought. My wonderful boss gave us their queen size bed, mattress, boxspring, headboard, & footboard which we love and I actually have alot of stuff we are going to use right now from my old apartment. We are also really excited about getting to paint our bedroom and bathroom/laundry room area, we are narrowing it down to our favorite colors so that we can start painting soon.

In other news, we recently mailed our save the date cards which was really exciting for me, I loved how they turned out! And I am almost officially done shopping for all my wedding stuff, I have the dress, undergarment thing, jewelry (which I LOVE), not wearing a veil so don't need to buy that, the only thing that is left to buy is my shoes which I will most likely be buying over the Thanksgiving holidays. I go for my first dress fitting very soon, probably the second weekend in November. I'm getting kinda nervous, but I haven't gained any weight since I have been on birth control so I have just been eating good and trying to walk on the treadmill while at work when Elizabeth is sleeping or walk on the track at night.

Thats pretty much it for now, Jake & I are just trying to avoid the flu and all the other nasty germs floating around everywhere. We had a pretty good scare, Jake thought he might have the flu, went to get tested and ended up being some sort of viral infection, and got a steroid shot and some antibiotics. I have been stuck with just an annoying cold ever since we got back from the ranch last weekend & I'm trying SO SO hard to make it go away! You will hear from me later this week, hope everyone has a great week, I know I will!! :)

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