Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I have so much to say

Warning! This may be a long post, but only because of how busy life has been lately I mean there really is just so much to say right now, hope you enjoy!

Ok, so usually I'm one to save the biggest & best news for last, but its gonna be first because I'm so excited about it! After so much apartment/house hunting for something that really was going to be good for Jake & I in our "newlywed" stage we have finally found the perfect little place and are so happy God worked it out the way He did. First of all Jake & I have been trying to decide when he should move out of his house with his mom and brother, it was either now or around the holidays. Naturally I was pushing for now because I felt it made the most sense financially and thankfully I was right :) It has kinda been a debate for Jake & I lately of how much we wanted to spend on a house or apartment because if we spend towards the higher end of our budget we have less room for fun stuff like furniture for the new place and just fun stuff in general. So I basically voted to spend less on a house and have more wiggle room for the fun stuff. Well last night out of the blue Jake finds out from his friend Chase that his small house is up for rent and since Chase & his wife are moving to Lubbock he wanted to know if we were interested in living there since they are newlyweds also (Chase & Jordan got married this summer). I mean talk about PERFECT timing it was almost to good to be true, but anyways I go over to the little house to take a look with Chase while he finishes moving their stuff out. Needless to say I was SO surprised at how super nice it was from the way the outside looks and just what the typical acu apartment/house looks like, I LOVE it!!! It feels so weird to know that we have a permanent residence after we are married, now on to the fun stuff like shopping for the perfect things for the house, oh so so exciting!!

So thats the big news, now on to everything else in life. I know it has been forever like always, but it wouldn't be me if I didn't wait FOREVER to update this thing. Well last weekend I went with Jake and his mom to Fort Worth for the weekend to just get away for the night and it was great to be somewhere besides Abilene, not to mention all the cute stuff I was able to purchase! We did a good amount of shopping, not anything like the amount of shopping I tend to do or what I'm used to, but some shopping or no shopping, I will definitely take what I am offered! I got alot of cute clothes, some adorable shoes to wear in Lindy's wedding, some much needed new jeans that actually don't have any huge holes in them haha, several cute tops to wear now and on our honeymoon, some fall stuff, and my much needed wedding day "suck in suit" as I like to call it haha. It was a fun weekend all around shopping spending time with Jake since we have both been working alot lately and not to mention we got to eat at PF Changs so amazing to my tummy, hands down the best Lo Mein I will ever eat I'm pretty sure!

Here are a few quick, recent pictures of my lovely job it's still as great as ever and sweet baby Elizabeth gets cuter everytime I see her which is basically everyday! Honestly I swear up and down that when the weekend rolls around if I don't see them all weekend come Monday morning she has already changed into an even cuter baby girl if thats even possible, I just love it thats all there is to it! She is doing alot better with sleeping less during the day and more at night, we are still working on it, small steps Elizabeth. She is hanging out awake more and just enjoying life therefore I have been able to get a few more good pictures of her awake with those pretty blue eyes. But she must love the camera because when I'm around she sees it most everyday. She is growing and growing already a month as of five days ago, SO crazy!! More sweet pics to come :)

sweet Elizabeth confused as to what I'm doing!

precious big sister Maggie holding baby E
Now some good juicy wedding/honeymoon news since I haven't talked about any of that in quite awhile it seems like. Well as some of you might know Jake & I originally had been planning a California honeymoon basically all up and down the coast including San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County areas, and whatever else, but recently we decided that it was probably going to end up being much more expensive when it actually came down to it when you figure renting a car, gas driving to and from all those places, airfare to CA and back, spending money, food, hotels, etcc.....So we started discussing our other options we might be interested in, we looked into all inclusive resort type places, such as Sandals, Beaches in Mexico, Jamaica,& Carribean islands, but for what we wanted to spend on our honeymoon we couldn't have stayed for long at any of those kind of places. So we started talking about CRUISES and looking into that and found out it was basically right up our alley. We get to see all the cool islands we wanted to, get to go somewhere warm, sunny, and beachy, get to stay for awhile which is something we both wanted, so basically decided for the price and what is included the cruise was the absolute best option for us! So there you have it we have officially booked our honeymoon, we leave March 21, 2010 from the Port of Galveston on a Carnival Cruise line to Montego Bay, Jamaica, The Grand Cayman Islands, & Cozumel, Mexico with fun days at sea all in between for a full 7 nights, 8 days long and we CANNOT wait!!!! I have already purchased quite a few items that I bought with the full intention of wearing on the cruise and I love it, shopping for vacation clothing is so much fun especially such a big one like this!
On the wedding front, not too much going on right now, getting ready to address & mail our super cute save the date cards, be looking in the mail for your card very soon! I have decided on what I am doing for my bridesmaids for their jewelry on wedding day and am so pleased with my decision. I have not purchased my shoes or jewelry quite yet, I am being very indecisive and fickle when it comes to jewelry. Shoes on the other hand I really know which ones I want I just have not purchased them yet, they are so glamorous and I love them, they are silver, strap around the ankle, some beautiful peep toe detail, and are the perfect heighth, not to mention how incredibly comfortable they are! I finally officially decided not to wear a veil, I know for all you super traditional brides out there, its such a shock, but its just not me, it limits the way I can wear my hair SO much, I can't for the life of me find THE veil I want and like, most the ones I found hide and take away from all the gorgeous details of my dress, and ITS JUST NOT ME! But I have chosen the way I will be wearing my hair on the big day and I love it, just trying to get it as long and healthy as possibly before wedding time. The nerves finally set in a few weeks ago when I made the awful, dreaded trip to the gynocologist to get put on the birth control pill. It was not bad at all really, but am just TERRIFIED of gaining weight and not being able to fit into my perfect dress come November when it comes time for my first dress fitting. I am eating healthy for the most part, no junk food, candy, crappy snacks of any kind, no dessert, and am trying to walk/run on the treadmill at work when baby E is taking naps. Not sure exactly how long the birth control pill is supposed to actually take to kick in, but so far I have not noticed ANY difference or change in my body or anything. Hopefully it will come because I really don't want to have to switch pills and start all over again. And we are getting ready for our much anticipated engagement pictures which were supposed to be last Thursday but the stinkin' weather did not cooperate, it rained mostly all morning, the ground was then wet and muddy, so it was a no go. We ended up having to reschedule them and our new date is actually my birthday, October 22nd in case any of you have forgotten. So we are looking forward to finally having that done, I just LOVE LOVE photography so much. And lastly we finally registered and had so so much doing it, sorry no pictures to show for it, I didn't even think to take pictures until after we were all basically done. But just so everyone knows we are registered at Dillards, Bed, Bath, & Beyond, and Kohls. We loved the stuff we picked out and can't wait for all the fun to begin!
Until next time, love is all you need :)

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