Wednesday, September 9, 2009

lots of stuff

Lots of stuff to catch up on first our labor day weekend, pretty uneventful, but fun & relaxing. Saturday basically started off our holiday weekend by Josh (my future brother in law) birthday party and kinda a kickoff to the start of college football. Jake & all the guys had Josh a party consisting of basically eating tons of yummy football party food, drinking margaritas, playing video games, and watching football all day. Then sunday we went to an interesting church service that left me feeling a little confused and like I should study more up on the topic of the message, which was about Israel being the chosen nation/people. Then we went to a bday lunch at Lytle, Land, & Cattle for Josh with the family and a few friends. Monday pretty much consisted of Jake working, I ran a bunch of errands with my mom doing some wedding stuff, then doing dinner that night with Jake's dad. All in all it was a fun & relaxing weekend and good to have more than just one day of time off together!

This week has been pretty good, I have enjoyed my time with sweet Elizabeth during the day & actually have really really missed going to do stuff with the big girls- Maggie & Claire. Hopefully we will be able to go to the zoo one afternoon soon, I guess I just miss our time together we got to spend together all this summer! But Jake did get to come see Elizabeth for the first time, which was so sweet to watch him holding her, he was so surprised at how little she was though! This was Maggie & Claire's first week back to preschool and they are having so much fun, it's so cute to watch! Once I get their first day of school picture I will definitely share it because it is so so adorable.

But in other news he did find out this week that he needs to be out of his house by November, which officially means we get to start looking for our first place, I'm so so excited about it!! He will be moving out sometime in October or beginning of November and I will then move out in March when we get married. So if you are in Abilene and know of any nice apartments or houses for rent on either north or south side please let me know and that would be so so great!

But I guess it's already this weekend, we don't really have too much on our agenda, except working, we are both working friday & saturday, but not sunday, but I think we both know what we'll be doing in our spare time. Thanks to the GREATEST fiance we now have the amazing Guitar Hero 5 to play on PS3 haha the only game I will play on that game system & I LOVE it!!

But I think that is all for now, sorry this post has no pictures, I just haven't had my camera with me this week to take any cute pictures, more to come I promise! Anyways I hope everyone enjoys their weekend! Next post all wedding and honeymoon stuff, its going to be so exciting!!!

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