Friday, June 4, 2010

End of May Craziness

It has been a few weeks since I have updated...but as usual I have been busy, this time with end of the school year stuff, May is always such a crazy crazy month for me! It all started with my mom's "Teacher of the year" award ceremony, we all went to see her be recognized as teacher of the year for her middle school and attend an awards reception together. My mom is such a wonderful teacher and it was awesome to see that brought to the entire city's attention and to see her be awarded for that! As teacher of the year in Abilene each school nominates one of their employees to be that school's teacher of the year and my mom received the award for her school. Each teacher is also awarded $100 in cash from the local teachers credit union. After the awards ceremony we all went out to eat at the family favorite, Jason's Deli haha my family LOVES Jason's! I know it was only dinner, but we really had such a great time together, it was just one of those nights where you are so so happy to have the family you have, we laughed, told stories, laughed some more, and really just carried on for quite awhile, but it was so fun!

About a week later I enjoyed celebrating with the trammells in seeing Maggie & Claire perform in their end of the year programs at school which was absolutely precious. They attend a mother's day out program two days a week and always have a cute little singing/dancing performance at the end of the year. This year was a little extra special because it was Maggie's last year to perform since she will be going to "big school" a.k.a. prek at Abilene Christian in the fall. And for Claire it was her first year to be able to perform in the end of the year program, which was of course so precious. And later that weekend I got to enjoy seeing Maggie perform in her first ballet recital, which I loved, I absolutely love watching ballet recitals, whether they are 3 or 30, I just love the art of ballet. Maggie's ballet class performed Hey Howdy Hey dressed up in red, white, and silver costumes with a cute red and white cowgirl hat, she was just so so adorable! Claire enjoyed the recital almost as much as Maggie I think, she was so so excited to see her big sister up on stage, it was precious, but also cannot wait to take ballet this summer.

For now that is about it...definitely more updates later this weekend. Hope you enjoy the pictures of all the festivities lately. Have an awesome weekend!!

my wonderful parents after the ceremony
mom (with her "teacher of the year" plaque) & dad

There she is "Teacher of the year" my awesome mom...(the one in the middle)

So proud of her!!!

Sweet baby Elizabeth these days...getting so big

Maggie sitting in the old furniture used at the Saloon Party at their house

Claire Louise...there is definitely enough said :)

Elizabeth during intermission at Maggie's ballet recital

Ballerina Maggie after her recital with her pretty roses

Claire at her end of the year program at school...she was adorable

Maggie performing with her class at her end of the year program

Oh how she loves to sing for everyone...

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